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Intel D845GLAD motherboard

\015 I have 3 long beeps on D845GLAD motherboard, my screen is black i can do nothing about that.\015\012Prior to this i add 256MB Ram memory wich probably cose this defect.\015\012What can i do next.\015\012Thanks\015\012Zoran\015

Answers :

This is indeed listed as a Memory error by Intel
\015\0123 beeps = Base 64K memory failure
\015\012the name of that probably doesn't say much to the average PC user, but for those of us who remember the good ole DOS days it speaks volumes.
\015\012Its basically a failure of the system from recognizing any memory.
\015\012OK now we need to check the DIMM slots. these are the slots that your Memory sits in (DIMM = Dual Inline Memory Module) remove the power cord from the system, Touch one hand to the outer casing of your Power Supply( This might sound strange but it dissipates any static electricity in your body) Remove the memory modules and set them aside in a safe place (I find that the panel I take off the PC to get inside is a good spot)
\015\012Now look at the locks on the edge of the DIMM slots. Raise them to an upright position. do any of them look "Taller" than the others? If so it may have loosened up, just give some gentle pressure in a downward more( you don't need alot of force it should go easily) Once we KNOW the locks are in good shape we can move to the next step.
\015\012release the locks in just the slot next to your CPU. install one of the Memory Mods make sure the clips "Lock" into place properly and replace the plug and try to start it. If it gets past the point where the system failed before, then this module is ok. Power down, pull the plug, remove this Module and replace with the other. Now repeat the proocedure.
\015\012Did either of the Modules fail? If so then you have found the problem. If they BOTH failed something may have happened that killed both modules. If Neither failed , we likely have a "Mismatched memory" error.
\015\012Mismatched Memory ocurrs when you have two memory modules that don't quite have the same abilities. These abilities are called "Timings" and are basically just a way of measure how quickly the memory can transfer data within itself and transfer it back to the computer. Memory chips (Most anyway) have a way of telling the system what its timings are (this is called SPD or Serial Presence Detect)
\015\012Well when we have mismatched modules sometimes the SPD of the "Faster" module gets detected and not the slower. Then the system sets timings for the speedy module and the slower just can't keep up, and when the Computer looks for the data at the time its expecting it and it doesn't find it, it sees that as a memory fault and stops the whole show.
\015\012OK so hopefully we narrowed down the problem. If its a faulty DIMM replace it with a new one.
\015\012If its a mismatched memory error. First try reinstalling the memory and give it a shot. If it fails, try interchanging the DIMMS (We're seeing if the PC takes the SPD from the slower module If it is in BANK 0[The DIMM slot by the CPU]) if this works your in business.
\015\012If it doesn't work then you'll have to get DIMM by the same Manufacturer, same size and preferrebly from the same LOT (Batch of chips all manufactureed at the same time) so as to have the best match.
\015\012Hope this helps you
  • Reseat the memory. \015\012
  • Make sure that the contacts on the memory and the socket are clean. \015\012
  • Try removing one bank of memory modules at a time. Note: Some systems might need to have a memory module in Bank 0. \015\012
  • Try using RAM chips from the same manufacturer with the same part number and speed. \015\012
  • Check for a faulty memory module by trying the memory in a known good system. \015\012
  • Trying known good memory in the system. \015\012
  • Check the power supply and check for power fluctuations. \015\012
  • Swap the motherboard
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