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I would like an internal view of eMachine T4150 to be sure everything is connected correctly

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There's a bit of a toughie! eMachines doesn't like to give out this information, lyndapalimas, and I don't have one sitting in my shop.

eMachines used four different motherboard manufacturers, to my knowledge. TriGem, Intel, FIC, and MSI.

According to my sources the eMachine T4150 used an FIC motherboard. (First International Computer, Inc.)
Model number V37.

If my information is correct, I can tell you where the basic hardware connects to on the motherboard, such as,
1) CD Drive

2) Harddrive

3) Ram Memory

4) The 20-pin ATX main power cable

5) The 4-pin ATX +12 Volt power cable (Power for the Processor)

6) CPU Fan (Processor fan)

7) And any expansion card that goes into a PCI slot.
(The long White slots on the bottom of the motherboard, are the PCI slots)

I don't however, have information about the Front Panel header on the motherboard, at this time.
However with your patience, and both of us working together, I believe we can find this information.

(A connection on a motherboard is a Header.

The Front Panel is the plastic front cover of the computer. This is where the Power On button is, Power On LED light, and so on.

The Front Panel header on a motherboard, is where the wires from the Front Panel, connect to.

Sometimes the Front Panel header, are two separate headers on a motherboard )

A) CD Drive:
There is a flat ribbon cable that connects to the back of the CD Drive, (Interface cable), and connects to the motherboard.

Orient the motherboard in your mind, so that we are both looking at it in the same direction.

Processor at the top, (Processor fan is sitting on it), and Ram Memory module/s to the right.
(Slang for Module is 'Stick'. Ram stick = Ram module)

To the right of the long Black ram memory slots, is the Secondary IDE header.
It is down to the right corner of the ram memory slots.

It is white in color, and has 40 pins sticking up. Two rows of 20 pins.
It is situated right next to the blue Primary IDE header.

This is where the other end of the flat ribbon cable, for the CD Drive plugs into. (The CD Drive is a secondary IDE device)

More information about a flat IDE ribbon cable;


There is a 4-pin peripheral power cable, that comes from the Power Supply, and plugs into the CD Drive. The connector on the end of this power cable is referred to as a 4-pin Molex connector.
It is White in color. (Translucent white)


As you can see the Molex connector has rounded corners on one side. It can only be plugged in, in one direction.

You will have many white 4-pin peripheral power cables.
The connectors may be marked.
P2, P3, P4, P5, and so on.

It DOESNT matter which of those 4-pin peripheral power cables you use. (Not shouting)
They all have 1 Red wire, 1 Yellow wire, and 2 Black wires.

[The long 20-pin ATX main power cable connector, is usually labeled P1]

On the back of a CD Drive there is also another connection. This small 4-pin connection, is used to attach an Audio cable to.

The Audio cable leads down to the motherboard, and is plugged into a header labeled CD_ROM, or may be labeled as just CD, or Audio.

At this point I must profess that I am guessing. I'm looking at a photo of a FIC V27 motherboard.
The photo can't be enlarged, and I cannot view it clearly enough, to see the Audio header on the motherboard.

B) Harddrive:
The blue Primary IDE header on the motherboard, is where the flat IDE ribbon cable from the Harddrive, plugs into.

In real small letter/numbers, it may have Pri, or PRI, or Primary, or IDE 1, next to it.
There may be no marking at all.
Sometimes only the Secondary IDE header used for the CD Drive, is marked.

(Sec, SEC, Secondary, IDE 2)

There is also a white 4-pin peripheral power cable, that plugs into the Harddrive.
The link I gave above showing the peripheral power cable connector, is shown connected to an IDE Harddrive.

C) Ram Memory:
As I'm sure you are aware, ram memory modules plug into the long Black ram memory slots, on the motherboard.
Each slot has a White locking tab, on each end of the slot.

What you may not be aware of, is that if there is only 1 ram memory module, it needs to be inserted into Slot 1.
This is the ram memory slot that is closest to the Processor.
(There may be DIMM 1 stamped next to it)

The Processor reads ram memory in Slot 1 first.

D) The 20-pin ATX main power cable.

Looks like this;


Looking at the photos, the photo all the way to the Left, shows you the 20-pin ATX main power cable header on the motherboard.
There is a tab which sticks out on one side.

This is a Locking Tab.
The photo in the middle shows you the 20-pin main power cable, coming from the Power Supply, and it's connector.
The connector has a Locking Clip.

This Locking Clip isn't easy to see in the photos. (Middle and Right)
The clip works like a seesaw. It pivots. To unlock the clip so the main power cable can be extracted from the motherboard, the top of the clip is pressed in.

This action brings the hook end at the bottom of the clip, out away from the Locking Tab. Then the main power cable is extracted from the motherboard, by grabbing the connector Only, not the wires.

This main power cable must be pushed in tight into the motherboard header. (Connector)
The Locking Clip should be locked over the Locking Tab.
I could not find an internal photo with everything connected but I could find a picture of the motherboard but it was very small. Just make sure your graphics card is inserted fully into AGP slot, processor is clipped down, memory is clipped down, and your hard drives are on one IDE ribbon cable and your rom drives are on the secondary IDE channel. (jumpers are correctly set to Master/Slave). Then make sure the CMOS jumper is set correctly and check the button cell battery for the CMOS clock. That's it
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