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I have an acer aspire 5315. i want to change my os from vista to xp, is this possible and how can i do it?

Answers :

Hi there,
yes this is possible ... but i must say its a bit tricky ...u will need to follow my steps closely .....if you have not tried to do this your self already...

first download your drivers:-
Open this PDF with Acer Drivers:

I recommend installing drivers in this order:\015\012
  1. Realtek HD Audio Driver
  2. \015\012
  3. Intel Chipset Driver
  4. \015\012
  5. Intel Graphics Driver
  6. \015\012
  7. Atheros WiFi Driver
  8. \015\012
  9. Broadcom Ethernet Driver
  10. \015\012
  11. Launch Manager
  12. \015\012
  13. Touchpad Driver
  14. \015\012
  15. Acer Empowering Framework
  16. \015\012
  17. Acer ePower Management

Now the hard part:-

CD burner Method:-\015\012this method is a bit advanced but will get u going, and intended for those\015\012of you who no longer have floppy drives of any kind. Or at least none\015\012of the USB kind.
First download and install nLite.
\015\012(Requires .NET Framework 2.0, you’ve probably already got that, but if nLite won’t run, download the .NET Framework)
Now download and extract the slipstream drivers to a folder like C:\\Drivers-temp\\
\015\012Insert your WinXP install disk, cancel out of the autorun if it pops up. Start up nLite, click next on the splash screen. Tell it where your\015\012CD is. It will ask you to tell it where to cache the files at. You can\015\012just use a folder like C:\\XP-temp\\ for that.
On the “Presets” screen, click Next again. Now click on the\015\012“Drivers” button, as well as the “Bootable ISO” button, then click\015\012“Next”
On the “Drivers” screen, click “Insert”, then “Multiple Driver\015\012Folder”. Point nLite to the location where you extracted the slipstream\015\012drivers, such as C:\\Drivers-temp\\ and then click OK.
On the “Select multiple drivers to integrate” window you’ll need to\015\012highlight the path at the top (such as C:\\Drivers-temp\\) by clicking on\015\012it once, then click “OK”.
On the “Driver Integration Options” window under “Textmode\015\012integration options” highlight the whole list by clicking once on the\015\012top item, then shift-clicking once on the bottom item. With that list\015\012still highlighted, click “OK” at the bottom.
Back on the “Drivers” screen, click “Next”. The “Apply Changes:”\015\012dialog should pop up, asking if you really want to start the process.\015\012Click “Yes”.
After the processing completes, you’ll need to click “Next”, at which point you’ll be taken to the final screen.
On the “Bootable ISO” screen, change the “Mode” drop down menu from\015\012“Create Image” to “Direct Burn”. Eject your WinXP disk, and insert a\015\012blank disk into your burner. For safety’s sake, put a check mark next\015\012to “Verify”.
\015\012Finally, click Burn.
Congratulations, you now have a proper install disk for the Acer 5315-2153.

Now you’ll need to boot your laptop from that disk. In order to be\015\012able to boot from the CD, we’ll first need to make a couple of quick\015\012changes in the notebook’s BIOS.

Modifying the BIOS Settings:-

\015\012Shut the notebook completely down. Now turn it back on, and as soon\015\012as the Acer screen comes up, hit the “F2′ key to enter the BIOS.\015\012Navigate to the second page of the BIOS (titled “Main”) by pressing the\015\012right arrow key.

\015\012You may wish to turn of “Network Boot” by selecting it with your\015\012arrow keys and hitting enter, then changing it to disabled. This is\015\012often used in a cluster-lab environment, and for normal users only\015\012slows down your boot process.

\015\012You must now turn on the F12 Boot Menu by selecting it with your arrow keys, hitting Enter, and changing it to “Enabled”
\015\012Now switch to the “Exit” page, and hit Enter to “Exit Saving Changes”. The BIOS will ask you to confirm, tell it “Yes”.
\015\012Now the notebook will reboot, and you must hit F12 to boot from your CD.

\015\012On the “Boot Manager” screen, chose the second option which should\015\012be an ATAPI drive, such as a DVD-RW or CD-RW, highlight it with your\015\012arrow keys and press Enter.

\015\012After it gets started, windows installer will ask you where you’d like to install Windows XP to: follow the prompts to delete all\015\012the current partitions, then follow the prompts to create a new\015\012partition, and install Windows XP to that. You can chose the “Quick\015\012Format” to speed things up.
Follow the rest of the prompts to windows in the usual fashion.

Looks like a nice tut to do it.
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