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Removing RAM from Acer L320

\015 Hi, I have an Acer L320 that I would like to upgrade the RAM in. Not sure if it is 200 pin soDIMM or other? Also not sure if there are Dimm locks like in a "full size" mother board.\015\012\015\012any help is greatly appreciated.\015

Answers :

The other expert's solution here gives you the information and practical\012 steps you need to know about what to do to change the memory in a \012computer.
\012here is some additional background information you should know \012specifically about the Acer Aspire L320. this pc is a small form factor \012(sff) pc. as is common with sff computers the Acer Aspire L320 is based \012on laptop/notebook rather than desktop pc technology.
\012unscrewing the single large central silver cross-head screw at the back \012of the pc means the right hand side panel is free to slide out. slide \012backwards and lift up to remove the side panel. sliding this panel out \012will break the green Acer warranty seal on the right hand side of the pc\012 so make sure your warranty has expired before going ahead and breaking \012this seal.
\012once it is open inside you will also see three small black plastic clips\012 which hold the front plastic panel of the\012 pc to the case. gently lever each of the three clips upwards and \012forwards with your thumbnail to release the front plastic panel. \012disconnect cable connecting the front panel to the inside of the pc (the\012 front panel cable connector near the usually yellow Complimentary Metal\012 Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) or Real Time Clock (RTC) battery in the \012front top corner of the pc is easier to disconnect and reconnect than \012the one on the panel itself). thread the loose cable through the oval \012slot in the metal frame near the top of the front of the pc case. put \012the disconnected front panel to one side.
\012you will also see a silver panel with a black plastic handle in the \012center. this panel is connected to the hard disk drive cradle that \012contains the hard disk drive underneath. you will also see towards the \012center of the inside of the pc about one inch from the back of the pc a \012small black cross-head screw that fixes the black handled silver panel \012to the rest of the pc.
\012use a magnetic screwdriver so you don't lose the screw when you unscrew \012it. removing this screw means you can now partly lift the silver panel \012with the black handle and the attached hdd out of the pc case. using \012your thumb and index finger loosen and disconnect the hdd power and data\012 cables near the back of the inside of the pc. put the silver panel and \012hdd to one side.
\012now you will be able to see the two ram slots at the center near front \012of the pc. you will see laptop/notebook type spring loaded ram memory \012slots. disconnect the other ends of the hdd power and data cables makes\012 access to the ram slots easier. release the two catches on the side of \012each ram module to release it and it will spring up so you can slide it \012out. y there are 2 memory slots and the maximum memory each slot can \012take is 1gb. our pc usually comes with two 512mb ram modules. you can \012either replace one original ram module with a new 1gb module to upgrade \012from overall ram from 1gb to 1.5gb or remove and replace both to upgrade\012 to 2gb. the memory type for this pc is a PC5300 DDR2 SODIMM RAM MEMORY \012MODULE.
\012to install new memory slot the new memory module in at the correct angle\012 and then push it down until it clicks in place by the two side catches \012clicking into the semi-circular notches on the edges of each memory \012module.
\012after upgrading the ram reverse the above steps to reconnect the \012internal cables reinstall the hdd and silver panel and reattach and \012reconnect the front plastic panel.
\012before closing the case, reconnect all the rear cables and test that the\012 pc starts properly and if the new memory you just installed shows up in\012 Windows Vista Home Premium which is what this model of pc usually comes\012 with. if so, shut the pc down and disconnect all the rear cables again \012before closing the case up reconnecting the cables and starting the pc \012again.
\012in Windows Vista - 'computer' - 'system properties' shows you the installed memory.
\012between the other expert's answer and this one you now hopefully have \012everything you need to know about changing memory in an Acer Aspire \012L320.
Look at this link:http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.aspx?model=Aspire%20L320 
or go to crucial.com and use the memory scanner,its terrific!hope it helps!
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Removing RAM from Acer L320

The other expert's solution here gives you the information and practical\012 steps you need to know about what to do to change the memory in a \012computer.\012\012here is some additional background information you should know \012specificall ... PC Desktops

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