Having problems with your Acer Aspire 5100 Notebook ?

Re: Errors being experienced with the ACER ASPIRE 5100-5758, OS VISTA. Error dealing with BUS:06, DEVICE:04, FUNCTION:00 AND ON TO FUNCTION:03

\015 Here is the catalogue of my problems from the oldest to the most recent so that you can see the progression to this particular error I am having now.I live in Barbados. I bought the laptop in July this year(2008) from the US through a computer company known as ACL based in Miami. After i recieved the laptop through fed-ex, I tried to register the laptop it would not allow me to. I tried more than once then contacted ACER'S support. They told me to provide a US address and number and they could help me.\302\240I was getting ready to go overseas so I didn't get to get one of family members living in the states allow me to use their email, by the time i left to visit the UK.While in the UK in my third week there, I was using the laptop as usual and it was on my lap as i was sitting on the top bunk of the bed. I rested it for a few seconds on the bed as I got down then lifted it. As soon as I lifted it the screen shut down on me. Thinking maybe that I had pressed the little button near the top that produces a blank screen, I waited until I got downstairs then pressed the on button to power up. It came on then said it had some error that caused it to shut down and then it shut down again. However this time it would not come back on.Cause the laptop was not registered and I was not in Barbados or the states, I could not go to Acer, so my brother had to carry it to a tech up there deduced that the problem was a faulty chip on the motherboard. He said he saw no evidence that it was anything to do with anything I had done, it was just that the chip was faulty and that happens sometimes. He fixed it, I got it back and it was working fine.So I thought my technical issues are over more or less. I come back to Barbados at the end of August and go back into university. A month passes, nothing is really wrong except the keyboard kept, and keeps, changing every so often between the uk setting with the @ sign being where the " is, and the american setting which is the other way around(has been doing that since just before I went to england and has been doing with more frequency more recently).But then like the first week or second week october I would say. I start getting the following error when starting up.System BIOS Version V2.82Bus: 06, Device: 01, Function: 00ERRORResource Conflict- PCI in slot 03Bus: 06, Device: 04, Function: 00ERRORResource Conflict- PCI in slot 03Bus: 06, Device: 04, Function: 01ERRORResource Conflict- PCI in slot 03Bus: 06, Device: 04, Function: 02ERRORResource Conflict- PCI in slot 03Bus: 06, Device: 04, Function: 03Press to resume, to setupWhen it first occurred I generally pressed F1, then start normally or resume and it wouldcome back on. I noticed that this error would occur if I had on the laptop all night and then it went off by itself or when I actually shut it down completely.So after first it only happened like a few times every week. Then more recently like the past weeks it started happening every single time I turn off or let the laptop power off.\302\240I have done the system restore several times. Took off some more recent programes and so on but that has not worked.A computer tech friend of mine reset it to the default settings, that did not work either.When he told me to check to see if it was a virus the one that I had put on a few days before and had been working all that time, AVG FREE, came up with a message saying its side by side configuration had a error, or a message to that effect i should say.So went and downloaded avast, scanned thoroughly, found no evidence of a virus.\302\240Another tech friend asked me how much ram I have cause conflict can occur when the ram has to chose between two programmes that have equal priority. I have 2 gb and he said but then I should not really get that sort of problem.\302\240It started becoming harder and harder and take longer and longer to get my laptop to start in this last week and this morning, Friday the 31st, it refused to get past the part where after i click 'start normally' after the error appears and i click f1, the loading bar with the green mini scroller in it. The green thing scrolling across would not even come up. I Kept trying and it just did not work.This evening, Finally after trying over and over again, it came on and this is how I am writing to you. I am afraid to let it shut down again.I should mention here that sometime between the time I got it and the time that it first got the error with the chip in england, I started getting errors while watching youtube videos in the large screen or playing games. (Note here, generalyl when playing games or anything like that, the only thing I have running in the background is windows live messenger.) The game would stick and start running jerkily or the video in fullscreen would go dark. I would click esc to exit that setting for viewing the video or alt f4 to get out of the game since esc would not work there, and I would see the message popping up saying the display driver had had an error and stopped working, and had resumed. I get this ever so often and not everytime i play a game or watch a video but it comes up frequently enough for me to wonder if there is a fault with the hardware.I hope someone can advise me as to what to do.\015

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Nice report. We don't see these too often. You've had quite a few tech inclined people on your machine.

My first hunch was memory timings and that could still be the problem. However, there is also memory on the display adapter built onto your system board. These are handled by the Northbridge chip.

The other thing that came to mind was the Acer Epower settings. Those can be pretty pesky and cause a lot of problems by throttling your CPU up and down..

So, attempt this, but I have my doubts as this is probably a bad mainboard, Turn off all Epower settings in the bios, set it to not go into an speed stepping whether you are on battery or A/C, you may not be able to while on batteries. Then, change the shared video memory to its lowest value and if you have AGP technology onboard, change the frame size down as far as it will go.

Now, the other thing would be to get a bios update if one is out. And, lastly, I wouldn't mess around too much more on this, I'd have the Acer provide an RMA to send it into for repair service. Lacking them giving you an RMA using the address in the States as before, I'd file a complaint with the BBB.

Additionally, there is a PC consumer advocate who can also go to bat for you that is pretty good. Real good in fact. He has a regular column in MaximumPC and those can be read at the web site with the same address as the magazine title. Email him at: [email protected] I suggest this simply because you have written a very good history on your laptop and I don't think any of us can pass on a trade secret and get you golden. This is clearly hardware at fault and I wouldn't sit on it hoping for a pointer to the magic button from any of us. We know dead hardware when we see it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being coy. This is just unmistakably a laptop mainboard issue, and probably the northbridge chip.

Sorry I can't give you anything but empathy. I have a friend who is a pretty good tech in Trinidad. I'll email him your post here too and have him come in to confer on this. Just bear in mind he's an islander and I have to catch him at the right time. Since he is in the Islands too, he may have some advice on getting service going.

Best regards, and best of luck,

Hi,, Worldvet contacted me for your post.. He asked if i can be of assistance and i think i might be able to help..

Ok the problem with the PRESS F1 is normally caused by a bad battery, you can easily replace this as for the booting part where it stalls it normally caused by bad rams, a crashing HD or sometimes certin types of virus can cause that.

my suggestion would first be to try the following

1.) Replace the main board battery and update the bios (avilable for download)
2.) format and reinstall your OS..

Incase you need replacement parts I'd suggest a skybox,, It has a us shipping address and they deliver right to your frount door. Im Trinidad We use UPS and TTPOST, I think UPS covers the caribbean so you can try them. If you need further assistance please contact me by clicking on my name i will help you in every way possible.
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