Having problems with your Acer Aspire 5610-4648 Notebook ?

Cant find any crystel eye webcam driver for windows vista premium

\015 Hi, i changed my laptop windows from basic to premium but now only the webcam is not working and i tried all the drivers that i was capable to find online..plz help\015

Answers :

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Choose Install 5. Click on Windows Vista on the left side of the page 6. Choose Applications",\015\012"metaData": [ { \015\012"visible": "true"},\015\012 { \015\012"visible": "true"}\015\012]\015\012 },\015\012"lw_1233370820_2": {\015\012"text": "Product Level",\015\012"extended": 0,\015\012"startchar": 2550,\015\012"endchar": 2562,\015\012"start": 2550,\015\012"end": 2562,\015\012"extendedFrom": "",\015\012"predictedCategory": "",\015\012"predictionProbability": "0",\015\012"weight": 0.279854,\015\012"relScore": 3.32819,\015\012"type": ["shortcuts:/concept"],\015\012"category": ["CONCEPT"],\015\012"wikiId": "",\015\012"relatedWikiIds": [],\015\012"relatedEntities": [],\015\012"showOnClick": [],\015\012"context": "with voice audio- unable to speak . Robbin Question Reference #080315-000332 --------------------------------------------------------------- Product Level 1: Notebook Product Level 2: Aspire Product Level 3: Aspire",\015\012"metaData": {\015\012"visible": "false"\015\012}\015\012 },\015\012"lw_1233370820_3": {\015\012"text": "Operating System: Windows Vista",\015\012"extended": 1,\015\012"startchar": 2896,\015\012"endchar": 2926,\015\012"start": 2896,\015\012"end": 2926,\015\012"extendedFrom": "Windows Vista",\015\012"predictedCategory": "",\015\012"predictionProbability": "0",\015\012"weight": 0.349861,\015\012"relScore": 5.06248,\015\012"type": ["shortcuts:/us/instance/other/product"],\015\012"category": ["THING"],\015\012"wikiId": "Windows_Vista",\015\012"relatedWikiIds": ["Apple_Inc.", "Dell", "Linux", "Mac_OS_X", "Microsoft", "Microsoft_Office", "Microsoft_Outlook", "NVIDIA", "Windows_2000", "Windows_XP"],\015\012"relatedEntities": [],\015\012"showOnClick": [],\015\012"context": "03/15/2008 04:35 PM Last Updated: 03/18/2008 01:17 PM Status: Solved Operating System: Windows Vista Serial Number: BWHJ4X2GBBWRG3HHKGBMWYX42 Date Purchased: 01/01/2008 [---001:002052:62282",\015\012"metaData": {\015\012"visible": "false"\015\012}\015\012 }\015\012};\015\012YAHOO.Shortcuts.headerID = "4a374a4ae8f7309496e5ba0c93b2af6d";\015\012DIV P {\015\012\011MARGIN: 0px\015\012}\015\012\015\012Try the attached solution that I received from Acer.

Thank you for contacting Acer America. I apologize for the inconvenience that \015\012you have experienced. I suggest you try reinstalling the software and driver for \015\012the OrbiCam. I am providing these instructions below.

1. Move your mouse \015\012over the Empowering technology widget and click on the eRecovery Manager icon or \015\012you may also press ALT and F10 on the keyboard to start the program. Please \015\012note: The first time you access the eRecovery feature, you are prompted to \015\012create a password. If you forget it then you will have to use the recovery discs \015\012to reformat the system.
2. In the next window look at the bottom of the \015\012window and choose Restore.
3. Now choose Reinstall Applications/Drivers \015\012
4. Choose Install
5. Click on Windows Vista on \015\012the left side of the page
6. Choose Applications and then choose CCD. It may \015\012also be under Camera in the drivers section.
7. On the right click the \015\012install link and follow the prompts.
8. The system may restart when \015\012installation is complete
Do not allow the system to shut down during this \015\012process. Plug in the AC adapter if necessary.

Acer \015\012America
Online Technical Support


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Webcam in use by another program?

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I use windows vista(home premium) &the webcam doesn't work.

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Where can I find the integrated web cam on my emachine e725 laptop?

Select models of Acer netbooks also ship with a program "Acer Crystal EyeWebcam". This program will enable the webcam immediately after startup and can be used to test the webcam acnd take pictures.To test ... E-Machines M2350 Notebook

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No Audio Output Device is Installed

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No Audio Output Device is Installed

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No Audio Output Device is Installed

Sound card is a hardware buy it at computer shop ... Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Pro V2000 Notebook


Hi dearplease use driver from microsoft, installi it with manual wayoke ... Acer Aspire 5500 5570-2609 Laptop

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I can't get my crystal eye on my acer aspire 5735 to work on windows live messager, it works in the crystal eye software but not messager. When I click on show my webcam it says cant show webcam check it is not in use with another program. I have tried un and reinstalling both the cam and messagner with no success, please help!!

I asume you have WINDOWS VISTA i know for sure that hapend on VISTA \015\012uninstal the driver and insta a new driver.\015\012you will be ok. ... Acer Aspire 4720 Notebook

Acer 5535 laptop crystal eye webcam problem

You have to set cam up with the program\015\012\015\012After you start Windows Live Messenger, expand the view by clicking on the squareon top left next to the red X. Then on the Windows Live messenger window on the ... Acer Aspire 5500 5570-2609 Laptop

VGN-CS16G motion eye driver for vista

Because of this platform does not have full teathered support for vista I bid you good luck on your find but do advise you check www.driverguide.com they have all drivers window ... Sony VAIO VGN-FJ270/B Notebook

Can't find it?

Insert the webcam pin in the motherboard. Which is located at the back of CPU. Go to ... PC Laptops

Acer Crystal Eyes

Please try re installing your operating system. (Genuine windows\015\012xp or vista recommended)\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012If the problem still persists feel free to get back me @\015\012\015\012deepuunni1985gmail.com ... Acer Aspire One PC Notebook

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Go to this link here. All of your drivers are on this link above. You might want to download ... PC Laptops
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