Having problems with your Acer Veriton 7100 PC Desktop ?

The computer is asking for system diskette,what should i do?

Answers :

Are their any disks in the CD/DVD or the floppy drives? That would cause this. It is the most common cause.

Is S.M.A.R.T. turned on in the BIOS? You will see a message during the POST that says it is enabled or disabled. The POST is the "2 screen scanning..." that you referred to. If it is off, turn it on so it will check the drives.

Did the main hard drive, the boot drive, show up during the POST? If not, that is the problem, the drive has a problem. That is the second most common cause.

If you search for this problem, you will see many, many others that are exactly the same. Those might give you even more information.

Additional: some of these answers are quite interesting. because Windows has not even begun to start, it is NOT a registry problem. If you put in the Windows disk and reload Windows, you will loose all your data on the drive, is that okay with you? There is NO way to determine if the hard drive is defective with the information that you have given up to now.

One answer that is posted is the same answer for every problem and points to his web site.

Additional 2: I'm not sure what you are trying to say with the terms disc vs drive. It really is possible that the hard drive broke from the time your brother-in-law worked on it and when you got it home. That is very unlikely unless it got banged around a lot. It also is possible the hard drive went bad during that time, but also unlikely.

It is also unlikely, but possible, that it is the cable again. If he had not just replaced the cable, it would have been more likely. Then again, if it is a SATA drive, I have seen the connectors get worn enough that the cable is loose. I have also seen the connectors put on it such a way that they fall off. However, that is extremely rare.

When it is doing the POST, look to see if there is a message that tells you to press a certain key to enter the boot menu. On recent motherboards, usually there is such a message. Often it is F8 or F10. That is not to be confused with the F8 to change the Windows startup.

Pressing that key, during POST, allows you to check to ensure the correct drive is marked as the boot drive. As an alternative, press the Delete (Del) key during the POST to enter the BIOS setup. Once there, check the boot drive sequence. Your boot drive should be first.

If your boot drive doesn't show up as a choice, it suggests that the drive is not recognized. That would be a hardware problem.

Does the boot drive show up in the POST? If not, there is no use going any further. That is the first priority in checking.

Note that some companies use other keys. Some, like Compaq, are sometimes reluctant to divulge what the correct key is. Instead, they want you to take the computer to an "Authorized Service Center."

Additional 3: Have never heard the term "freuntly BIOS," no idea what that means. It is English or a foreign language. Not joking about that question, I can't even guess what it is and I've seen a lot of BIOS displays.

Okay on the disc being CD/DVD, just wanted to make sure.

The boot sequence in the BIOS is telling you that it checks the CD/DVD drive first to see if it has a bootable disc. If not, it then goes to hard drive one to see if it is bootable. If not, it then goes to hard drive two to see if it is bootable. If none are bootable, it give you the message that you are getting.

It is typical that hard drive 2 is not bootable. If there is no CD/DVD in the drive, that obviously can't be bootable. That leaves only hard drive 1.

There really should be a reference to S.M.A.R.T although it might not have the period between the letters. Unless this is a rather old motherboard, it should be there. Look in all of the entries in the BIOS to see if it is there. If so, turn it on, it checks the hard drives to see if they are saying that they are okay or not.

Does the POST show the correct brand and size for the primary master hard drive? Since that is typically the boot drive, I want to check that. It goes by fast, but you might be able to catch it with the Pause key. Does the POST also show the correct brand and size for the primary slave? Actually, they MAY be hooked up as secondary master and slave. Either works.

If both hard drives show up correctly in POST, you could try to disconnect the CD/DVD drive. That is a long shot, though.

If I had the machine, I think I would pull the boot drive out and put it into a working machine to see if I can read it and if there are any errors on the drive. If that is okay, I would copy any data from the drive onto another drive for safety, then put it back in and load Windows in a way that does format the drive and does not wipe out your data.

Things break some times, no matter how careful you are. I have even seen a screw rattling around inside the case get into the wrong place and short out things, causing smoke and damage.

Another idea is to take both hard drives out and to put a new hard drive in. Then load Windows from scratch onto that new drive. That would prove everything is okay except the old boot drive and the Windows loaded on it. It eliminates everything else so you at least have it narrowed down.

That is obviously time consuming and is only worth it if the user has important stuff on the computer, but does not have a backup. In other words, 90% of all the machines I work on, LOL.
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