Having problems with your Apple Cinema Display 23" HD Monitor ?

Apple Cinema Display 23" LED short-long-short flash prob.

\015 Hello everyone.This sounds like something of an epidemic... My Apple Cinema 23" HD Display (bought Dec. 2007) hasn't been turning on after a power outage hit our area last week.The Computer and Display were OFF when the outage occurred. Everything was plugged into a surge suppressor. Everything ELSE plugged in to the suppressor is fine (including my Mac CPU)... but not the monitor. It\342\200\231s not dead-dead\342\200\246. It's a blank screen, but there IS a morse-code flash on the LED (short-long-short). According to Apple Support\342\200\231s LED Translation , it SHOULD be something to do with the power adaptor. The adaptor IS correct\342\200\246 a 90 watt\342\200\246 but just in case I bought ANOTHER 90w adaptor brick. I plugged the monitor to the new brick. THE RESULT WAS THE SAME.I\342\200\231ve tried power cycling, I\342\200\231ve tried plugging it into different outlets, I\342\200\231ve tried connecting to other computers. The same LED result remains. And, yes, of course, I\342\200\231ve got no Apple Support, and from what I read in similar posts, outside-the-warranty repairs could hit around $400. I REFUSE!For now I have a Samsung monitor from Costco. It\342\200\231s not bad, but it\342\200\231s not the Apple monitor with it\342\200\231s awesome color-fidelity.I wonder\342\200\246 has anyone else incurring this same problem (with the same LED flashing deal) tried to use a 150-WATT adaptor brick? I would try this myself, but I\342\200\231m currently financially unable (and personally unwilling) to throw more cash at this problem unless I know it\342\200\231ll fix it.If enough people have the same problem, what does it take for Apple to take notice and issue a recall?\015

Answers :

I had the "short long short" blinking led problem with my
23" ACD after a power outage which left my screen blank and
my cheek wet with a tear for my baby. I read somewhere that
a guy was getting a 1 volt reading on the middle pin of his
damaged 90 watt power block. I figured maybe the display might
work if I could somehow block the middle pin. So I cut a small
strip of paper wide enough to block just the middle pin and long
enough to cover both sides and it looked like a "W". I gingerly
pressed it into the brick receptacle with a toothpick leaving
just a little slack so it would not tear when I pushed in the
small white plug. It was a bit of a tight fit but guess what.

IT WORKED! I am now enjoying my beloved monitor anew and saved
$$$ on replacement brick or repair.

If you want to try it and you feel you’ve nothing to lose, make
sure you cover just middle pin (both sides) and you may have to try a couple of times. It worked for me. I hope you have good luck too.

Regards, Moozler
Hi guys, I just whantet to writte because YOU MADE MY DAY... the pice of paper on the pin (in my case, I used a pice of tape) Worked really good, I was all disapoinetd because my screen did't whant to work but, that solution made my day, It works and REALLY GOOD.
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