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I have a dell 4600 that I got from my daughter . which I had to re-install and It has a password in the bios for the set up and my daughter dont know

\015 I have a dell 4600 and I need a master password to get in the setup bios, so I can reset some of the devices\015

Answers :

\015\012Hi katmbutts;
\015\012Before attempting to bypass the BIOS password on a computer, please take a minute to contact the hardware manufacturer support staff directly and ask for their recommended methods of bypassing the BIOS security. In the event the manufacturer cannot (or will not) help you, there are a number of methods that can be used to bypass or reset the BIOS password yourself. They include: \015\012
    • Using a manufacturers backdoor password to access the BIOS \015\012
    • Use password cracking software \015\012
    • Reset the CMOS using the jumpers or solder beads. \015\012
    • Removing the CMOS battery for at least 10 minutes \015\012
    • Overloading the keyboard buffer \015\012
    • Using a professional service
Please remember that most BIOS passwords do not protect the hard drive, so if you need to recover the data, simply remove the hard drive and install it in an identical system, or configure it as a slave drive in an existing system. The exception to this are laptops, especially IBM Thinkpads, which silently lock the hard drive if the supervisor password is enabled. If the supervisor password is reset without resetting the and hard drive as well, you will be unable to access the data on the drive. \015\012
\015\012Backdoor passwords
\015\012Many BIOS manufacturers have provided backdoor passwords that can be used to access the BIOS setup in the event you have lost your password. These passwords are case sensitive, so you may wish to try a variety of combinations. Keep in mind that the key associated to "_" in the US keyboard corresponds to "?" in some European keyboards. Laptops typically have better BIOS security than desktop systems, and we are not aware of any backdoor passwords that will work with name brand laptops. \015\012WARNING: Some BIOS configurations will lock you out of the system completely if you type in an incorrect password more than 3 times. Read your manufacturers documentation for the BIOS setting before you begin typing in passwords \015\012Award BIOS backdoor passwords:
\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012ALFAROME\015\012BIOSTAR\015\012KDD\015\012ZAAADA\015\012\015\012ALLy\015\012CONCAT\015\012Lkwpeter\015\012ZBAAACA\015\012\015\012aLLy\015\012CONDO\015\012LKWPETER\015\012ZJAAADC\015\012\015\012aLLY\015\012Condo\015\012PINT\015\01201322222\015\012\015\012ALLY\015\012d8on\015\012pint\015\012589589\015\012\015\012aPAf\015\012djonet\015\012SER\015\012589721\015\012\015\012_award\015\012HLT\015\012SKY_FOX\015\012595595\015\012\015\012AWARD_SW\015\012J64\015\012SYXZ\015\012598598\015\012\015\012AWARD?SW\015\012J256\015\012syxz\015\012\015\012AWARD SW\015\012J262\015\012shift + syxz\015\012\015\012AWARD PW\015\012j332\015\012TTPTHA\015\012\015\012AWKWARD\015\012j322\015\012\015\012awkward\015\012\015\012AMI BIOS backdoor passwords:
\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012AMI\015\012\015\012AAAMMMIII\015\012\015\012BIOS\015\012\015\012PASSWORD\015\012\015\012HEWITT RAND\015\012\015\012AMI?SW\015\012\015\012AMI_SW\015\012\015\012LKWPETER\015\012\015\012A.M.I.\015\012\015\012CONDO\015\012PHOENIX BIOS backdoor passwords: \015\012phoenix, PHOENIX, CMOS, BIOS \015\012MISC. COMMON PASSWORDS
\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012ALFAROME\015\012LKWPETER\015\012\015\012BIOSTAR\015\012lkwpeter\015\012\015\012biostar\015\012setup\015\012\015\012biosstar\015\012SETUP\015\012\015\012CMOS\015\012Syxz\015\012\015\012cmos \015\012Wodj\015\012OTHER BIOS PASSWORDS BY MANUFACTURER \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Manufacturer\015\012Password\015\012\015\012VOBIS & IBM\015\012merlin\015\012\015\012Dell\015\012Dell\015\012\015\012Biostar\015\012Biostar\015\012\015\012Compaq\015\012Compaq\015\012\015\012Enox\015\012xo11nE\015\012\015\012Epox\015\012central\015\012\015\012Freetech\015\012Posterie\015\012\015\012IWill\015\012iwill\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Jetway\015\012spooml\015\012\015\012Packard Bell\015\012bell9\015\012\015\012QDI\015\012QDI\015\012\015\012Siemens\015\012SKY_FOX\015\012\015\012TMC\015\012BIGO\015\012\015\012Toshiba\015\012Toshiba\015\012TOSHIBA BIOS \015\012Most Toshiba laptops and some desktop systems will bypass the BIOS password if the left shift key is held down during boot \015\012IBM APTIVA BIOS \015\012Press both mouse buttons repeatedly during the boot \015\012\015\012 \015\012Then There is Password cracking software \015\012The following software can be used to either crack or reset the BIOS on many chipsets. If your PC is locked with a BIOS administrator password that will not allow access to the floppy drive, these utilities may not work. Also, since these utilities do not come from the manufacturer, use them cautiously and at your own risk. \015\012\015\012Using the Motherboard "Clear CMOS" Jumper or Dipswitch settings \015\012Many motherboards feature a set of jumpers or dipswitches that will clear the CMOS and wipe all of the custom settings including BIOS passwords. The locations of these jumpers / dipswitches will vary depending on the motherboard manufacturer and ideally you should always refer to the motherboard or computer manufacturer's documentation. If the documentation is unavailable, the jumpers/dipswitches can sometimes be found along the edge of the motherboard, next to the CMOS battery, or near the processor. Some manufacturers may label the jumper / dipswitch CLEAR - CLEAR CMOS - CLR - CLRPWD - PASSWD - PASSWORD - PWD. On laptop computers, the dipswitches are usually found under the keyboard or within a compartment at the bottom of the laptop. \015\012Remember to unplug your PC and use a grounding strip before reaching into your PC and touching the motherboard. Once you locate and rest the jumper switches, turn the computer on and check if the password has been cleared. If it has, turn the computer off and return the jumpers or dipswitches to its original position. \015\012\015\012 \015\012 \015\012Removing the CMOS Battery \015\012The CMOS settings on most systems are buffered by a small battery that is attached to the motherboard. (It looks like a small watch battery). If you unplug the PC and remove the battery for 10-15 minutes, the CMOS may reset itself and the password should be blank. (Along with any other machine specific settings, so be sure you are familiar with manually reconfiguring the BIOS settings before you do this.) Some manufacturers backup the power to the CMOS chipset by using a capacitor, so if your first attempt fails, leave the battery out (with the system unplugged) for at least 24 hours. Some batteries are actually soldered onto the motherboard making this task more difficult. Unsoldering the battery incorrectly may damage your motherboard and other components, so please don't attempt this if you are inexperienced. Another option may be to remove the CMOS chip from the motherboard for a period of time. \015\012Note: Removing the battery to reset the CMOS will not work for all PC's, and almost all of the newer laptops store their BIOS passwords in a manner which does not require continuous power, so removing the CMOS battery may not work at all. IBM Thinkpad laptops lock the hard drive as well as the BIOS when the supervisor password is set. If you reset the BIOS password, but cannot reset the hard drive password, you may not be able to access the drive and it will remain locked, even if you place it in a new laptop. IBM Thinkpads have special jumper switches on the motherboard, and these should be used to reset the system. \015\012\015\012
\015\012Overloading the KeyBoard Buffer \015\012On some older computer systems, you can force the CMOS to enter its setup screen on boot by overloading the keyboard buffer. This can be done by booting with the keyboard or mouse unattached to the systems, or on some systems by hitting the ESC key over 100 times in rapid succession. \015\012\015\012 \015\012 \015\012Jumping the Solder Beads on the CMOS \015\012It is also possible to reset the CMOS by connecting or "jumping" specific solder beads on the chipset. There are too many chipsets to do a breakdown of which points to jump on individual chipsets, and the location of these solder beads can vary by manufacturer, so please check your computer and motherboard documentation for details. This technique is not recommended for the inexperienced and should be only be used as a "last ditch" effort. \015\012 \015\012I hope this helps, Don't forget to leave a rating.\015\012 \015\012Mark\015\012
I presume that you have a "desktop", not a "laptop" system.
\015\012Turn your computer off.
\015\012Disconnect the power-cable.
\015\012Remove the side-panel.
\015\012Look carefully on the motherboard for a small mostly-plastic jumper, connecting two pins (there will be 3 pins in a row).
\015\012Move the jumper from spanning the "first" and "second" pins,
\015\012to span the "second" and "third" pins.
\015\012Wait 10 seconds.
\015\012Move the jumper back to its original position.
\015\012Reconnect the power-cable.
\015\012Turn the computer on.
\015\012Can you now enter BIOS-setup mode, without a password?
\015\012If not, turn your computer off.
\015\012Disconnect the power-cable.
\015\012Look again on the motherboard for a different jumper,
\015\012and another "three-pins-in-a-row" orientation.
\015\012Repeat the above (jumper-movement, wait, move-back the jumper) process.
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