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Reloading windows xp

\015 I have a dell deminsion 8300 with big virus problem. I made new partition and formated with OS disc. everything is real slow and drivers are not loading. can virus or worm embed past hard drive? Also does Best Buy have a replacement drive form thyis machine?\015

Answers :

Replacement Drive? If you are talking about a Hard Drive the answer is: You can buy any hard drive as long as it is the same type from any computer store. Take your Hard Drive to the store and tell the sales person that you want another hard drive like that one. You can get another Brand or a bigger size if you want to. Your best bet is to completely reload that hard drive and wipe everything off of it and start all over. You can still buy another Hard Drive (Internal or External) to keep your files backed up. That hard drive could have also went bad.

I am going to give you a lot of things that you can do. Like I said this is a lot of information so you might want to print it out and also copy it to a disk for the future. These things will explain how to check your Hard Drive and also tell you how to keep your system running smooth.

\015\012\015\012I\015\012can't fix this for you, but if I helped you get it fixed, please rate it as a\015\012fixya not a helpful rating. These ratings let me be allowed to help you\015\012and others in the future.
\015\012\015\012Turn the system restore off. System restore keeps\015\012everything in restore. Meaning......... If you have spyware or a virus,\015\012it will stay in your system. Run Spybot S&D (This program is free and\015\012is better than using msconfig as long as you go through the settings and\015\012change everything to the highest settings.) Then do the same with Adaware 2008\015\012(sounds stupid to use 2 things for spyware, but one catches what the \015\012other one does not.). I have links on my website\015\012(tandnfamilyelectronics-online.com). These links go directly to the\015\012download so you will not get the run around. You would do good to try a\015\012program called Window Washer (http://www.download.com/Free-Internet-Window-Washer/3000-2144_4-10436825.html?cdlPid=10731707). \015\012This is a great program that completely cleans anything in your computer that\015\012you do not need. It will not clean out anything that you have to\015\012have. I have used this for years to clean out my customers computers and\015\012have cleaned as much as 3 gigs of trash out. If you contact me I will\015\012give you some tools that I have for free that will do a great job on your\015\012computer. I have them ready to download and I will give you the link.\015\012 ([email protected])
\015\012Send me the complete specs of your system and I can help you more. I hope\015\012that this helps you. There is no reason the really buy a program for\015\012spyware when there are free things to use that work great. Free AVG is a\015\012great Antivirus and yes it is also free. It will check your e-mail coming\015\012and going. It will also let your friends now that the E-mail does not\015\012have a virus. It also has a spyware program that is free. This day\015\012and time with all of the spyware out on the net you can never have too many\015\012programs for spyware. I would not run all of them at the same time\015\012though. Make sure that you do not use your computer during any\015\012scan. Defrag is also something to do after you do everything else. \015\012Some people will tell you that should not reload your computer. If\015\012nothing seems to work then sometimes that is the only good way to get it\015\012repaired right. Most of the programs that come pre-installed on a store\015\012bought computer is useless and most are even trail software that causes\015\012problems when they expire. Let me know if this helps at all. Please\015\012rate me if it helps.
\015\012\015\012HARD DRIVE PROBLEM
\015\012\015\012 This sounds like a\015\012bad hard drive. What make of hard drive is in it?
\015\012\015\012Figure out what brand hard drive it is first. Then go to the website of the manufacturer.
\015\012\015\012While you are on the site look for software for hard drive\015\012repair. It could be listed in many\015\012ways. Download the windows version if\015\012you have another computer to test this in. \015\012If you do not have another computer to test this in you will have to use\015\012the Dos version. The instructions will\015\012come with the siftware.
\015\012\015\012Then you will go through these steps.
\015\012\015\012 Do you have another computer that you can use to\015\012check the hard drive? If you have another computer or access to another\015\012computer you can download a hard drive utility that can diagnose and possible\015\012repair the hard drive. Is it a SATA hard drive? If it is a SATA\015\012hard drive you can plug it directly into another computer that has a SATA cable.\015\012If it is not SATA you will need to buy a converter so that you can hook it up\015\012to the other computer. This will be an\015\012external slim hard drive enclosure. A desktop hard drive can be put in another\015\012desktop and used as a slave drive. Just\015\012make sure that you look at the back of the Hard Drive and make put the jumper\015\012on the slave pins. Then you can run the test through the other computer to\015\012test the Hard Drive. The test will let\015\012you know if the Hard Drive is bad or not. \015\012If you can see your files on the drive you might want to back them up\015\012before you start the test. If it comes\015\012back as good go to the next step.
\015\012\015\012FIX BOOT
\015\012\015\012You can boot it up with the recovery CD and run through it\015\012as if you were doing a setup and then when the second repaircomes up..... hit\015\012repair. This should repair any problem with the operating system. \015\012If you want to try the simple way... use the first repair that comes up. \015\012When the screen comes up with a blinking curser hit the number 1 then\015\012Enter........ When it ask you for a password hit enter. There should not\015\012be a password unless someone has put one in it. If there is a password it\015\012should be your master password.
\015\012Then type fixmbr and hit enter. This will fix your master boot\015\012record. If that does not work use the second repair. Sounds\015\012complicated but it is not.
\015\012\015\012CDROM PROBLEMS / Hard Drive Problems
\015\012\015\012Check your IDE cable inside that plugs into it. This\015\012will be the wide cable. Does it light up? Your power supply could\015\012be going bad. Unplug them one at a time and see if they work. Look\015\012at the jumpers and make sure the last one on the cable is on Master and the\015\012other one is slave. Sounds like a bad cable or connection if you swap the\015\012cable and see if it works.
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Reloading windows xp

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