Having problems with your Dell Dimension 8200 PC Desktop ?

Dell Dimension 8200 does not power up.

\015 The power supply fan in my Dimension 8200 was noisy so I replaced the entire power supply. After that, the computer would not power up and the power switch light blinked steadily. Reinstalled the old power supply, which had been working, but still no power up (the switch light blinks). I have triple-checked all connections and they seem OK. Obviously they aren't. What could cause this prioblem?\015\012Wugo\015

Answers :

1) It could be something as simple as the 4-pin ATX +12 Volt power cable isn't plugged into the motherboard.

The 4-pin +12 Volt power cable supply's power to an Intel Pentium 4, and above, processor.

Looks like this,


The connector can be Black or White in color. However, there will always be two Yellow wires, and two Black wires.
(Yellow is 12 Volts. Any Black wire is a Ground wire)

Looking at the motherboard with the Processor to the top, Ram Memory to the right, and the AGP graphics card expansion slot, towards the bottom.

The connector for the above power cable is white in color, and square shaped. (May be Black) It has four socket holes in it.

This connector is located in-between the Processor, and the AGP slot, towards the I/O ports on the motherboard.

This is Dell Support, and the Service Manual for the Dimension 8200,


On this main menu page left-click on - Technical Overview

Scroll down the page to the second illustration. (Under the heading - System Board Connectors and Sockets)

Where the arrow that points from, + 12VDC power connector (JC51), is the connector on the motherboard for the above power cable.

2) It could be something as simple as the Ram Memory modules, or module, has been jarred loose. (Ram memory 'Stick')

3) It could be that the Power On switch has failed.

There is a way to bypass the Power On switch to test if the switch is bad, or not.

This has been lightly touched upon already, but not fully detailed, and not in a safe manner.

There is always 5 Volts present at the Power Supply. When the 5 Volts are redirected to the Soft Power On part of the Power Supply, the power supply turns on.

The 5 Volts are redirected by the Power On switch. (Located behind the Power On button)

The Dell Dimension 8200 Desktop PC uses a 20-pin ATX main power cable connector.

This is a close up view of that style of connector,


View the photo to the far right. You will see a Green wire. This Green wire is the Soft Power On wire.

You will see many Black wires. ANY Black wire is a Ground wire.

If a jumper wire is touched briefly from the Green wire to Any Black wire, the power supply will come on.
(Provided the power supply is good)

The contact of the jumper wire, should not last any longer than 2 seconds.

There is a Spark involved, which is why safety guidelines should be implemented!

Advise using a wire that has insulation around it. Wire thickness, or gauge, should be close to one of those power supply wires.
Length approximately 3 inches.

The insulation is stripped back off of each end of the wire. Usually about 1/2 inch stripped off, will do.
The jumper wire is then bent into a U shape.

The jumper wire has to go in the socket hole of the Green wire, and Any Black wire.
The 20-pin main power cable connector remains connected to the motherboard. Just like in the photo to the right.

The photo to the right shows the back of the connector. The back of the connector is where the wires enter.
The front of the connector is plugged into the motherboard.

The jumper wire goes down in the socket hole, from the Back of the connector.
The bare wire ends must be long enough to touch a metal connector, that is way down in that socket hole.

My method:
Computer unplugged from power.
I twist both bare ends of the jumper wire until they are tight. One end goes down in the Green socket hole. I try to make sure it is a good connection, and will stay there by itself.

Then I plug the computer into power, and push the other end of the wire down into a socket hole, of ANY Black wire.

You just need a momentary contact.

4) For a time period Dell was a Proprietary computer manufacturer.
They wanted THEIR computer parts used in THEIR computers.

They switched the color code around on the 20-pin ATX main power cable connector.

A) Yellow is 12 Volts
B) Red is 5 Volts
C) Black is a Ground wire
D) Orange is 3.3 Volts
E) The Green wire usually designates the Soft Power On wire.
(PS_ON....Power Supply_ON)

Look to see that the color code of your new power supply ATX main power cable wire, match that of the old Dell power supply.

Would appreciate hearing about your findings. You can post this in a Comment.

I have had the same problem it is a very simple way to fix you need to unplug the main power that goes to the motherboard and use a paper click to jump it and then quickly plug it in.
\015\012im sorry but i do not remember which 2 slots to use the paper click on but i know 1 was black and when you unplug your pc you will have to repeat this process each time
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Dell Dimension 8200 PC Desktop

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