Having problems with your Dell Dimension 8250 PC Desktop ?

I was unable to power up my 8250 and I have oirdered a new power supply. Is this difficult to install and is there a set process to follow?

Answers :

Not difficult at all.

1) Work on a table. Computer unplugged from power, computer case open. TOUCH the metal frame of the computer case. (Not shouting)

[Your body carries Static electricity. Static will fry out the hardware components inside a computer.

Touching the metal frame alleviates the Static. If you get up for any reason in the middle of this, when you come back, TOUCH the metal frame again.

Computer unplugged from power you're safe.
Touch the metal frame BEFORE reaching inside the computer, your computer is safe]

2) To open the computer case:


The above link is to Dell Support>Dimension 8250>Manuals>Service Manual.

This way I can tell you, and show you.
At first glance you'll note this solution is fairly lengthy.
Reasoning is, that I detail out my solutions, so that it is if I am sitting right next to you, and guiding you.

On the main menu, left-click on -
Adding and Replacing Parts

Now left-click on -
Opening the Computer Cover.

All cables removed from your computer, including the power cable.
If you are unsure of where they go, now is the time to make yourself a chart, to refer back to later.

I advise laying a lint-free clean towel on your table, before you lay the computer on it's right side. Keeps the table from being scratched, and your computer case.

As noted the computer is laid down on it's right side.
As you can see there is an elliptical button you press in, on the top, and on the bottom, at the same time.
These are Cover Release buttons.

The left side of the case swings up to the open position.
You should be able to open the left side of the computer case, to a straight up position.

There is one more thing I wish you to do.
Towards the front of the computer, and on the motherboard, is a Front Panel Switch connector.

This connector on the motherboard, is located towards the outside of the motherboard, and right next to the connector for your harddrive's flat ribbon cable. (FRT PNL )

This connector is where all the wires attach from the front cover, (Panel), of your computer. The Power On switch, Harddrive activity lamp, Power On lamp, and so on.

I would like you to take the time now, to draw yourself a chart as to where each wire goes on the motherboard.
Include the color of the insulation of the wires, and if they have any stripes on them.

Make the chart so it shows where they connect on the connector for the motherboard. (FRT PNL)

Yes, I agree, it is a pain.
However, this advice is given in case any of those wires, become unplugged by accident.
There is no ready available information, to tell you how to plug them back in again.
You have this information at your fingertips, right now.

3) Now scroll back up to the top of the page, and this time click on - Power Supply.

Here the information is not very concise.
The statement - 'Then disconnect the DC power cables from the system board and drives'

This means you will be disconnecting all of the power cables leading out of the power supply, that go to all of the hardware components inside the computer.

[System board = Motherboard. Drives = CD/DVD drive/s, and the Harddrive]

I will lead you through each power cable you need to disconnect, and the method of releasing connectors that use a locking device.

A) 20-pin ATX main power cable. Located on the outside edge of the motherboard, to the right of ram memory slot 4.
White in color. 20 socket holes. May have P1 on the connector.

This is a male connector with many wires, that plugs into the female connector on the motherboard.
On the side of the male connector is a locking device.
It's a plastic locking tab that pivots, and has a hook shape on the end.

Squeeze in the top of this locking tab with your fingers, and thumb.
This action pivots the locking tab, and pulls the hook end out of the female connector.

While keeping this lock tab depressed, gently rock the male connector side to side, as you pull up, and out.
Pull only on the male connector, and not the wires.

This link gives you more reference to the 20-pin ATX main power cable connector. Shows photos in great detail,


Note the female connector, shown by itself in the photo all the way to the left, and the lock tab that protrudes from it.
This is what the locking tab on the male connector, catches.

The middle photo shows a little more detail of that locking tab on the male connector, and the male connector itself.

B) Now scroll all the way up this page.
Left-click on the photo that has - 4-pin Peripheral power cable.
(Photo in middle of the top of the page. White connector with four socket holes)

This type of power cable connector will go to your,
Harddrive, and CD/DVD drive/s.

{Click on - Technical Overview in the main menu, to get a better idea of the above statement}

(P3, P5, P6, P8, and P9. Doesn't matter in reality which one you plug in where.
All have a Yellow wire, Red wire, and two Black wires.
When you go to install the new power supply, you can use ANY Peripheral power cable you wish, to any device that uses it. {Your optical drive/s, and your Harddrive)

There is no locking device. The connector is gently wiggled, and pulled straight out.
Sometimes, these connectors are Real Tough to pull out!

(I've had two, in my 20+ years of working on computers, that I could have sworn a Gorilla stuck them in!
Took an Unprofessional method of using pliers on the connector itself, and finesse, to remove them.
Hopefully the same primate didn't install yours)

Note that the Peripheral power cable connector, has two rounded corners.
This is to align it properly, when installing into a device.

Viewing the back of your CD/DVD drive/s, the Peripheral power cable plugs in on the Left side.
(The right side is for a small Audio cable. If you have two optical drives, only one has an Audio cable plugged into it)

Viewing the back of your Harddrive, the Peripheral power cable plugs into the Right side.

C) Scroll all the way to the top of the page. Click on the heading -
Floppy drive power cable
This is a 4-pin Molex connector also, just like the Peripheral power cable connector, but smaller.
(P7 on connector)

It has a flattened out T shape. Only goes in one way into your Floppy Drive.
One, the pins that stick out of the Floppy Drive that this connector goes on, are very TINY.
They are EASILY bent.

Use care, as you go to align the Floppy drive power cable connector, when installing.
Make sure the socket holes line up properly, with the pins on the Floppy Drive.

Two, the pins on the Floppy Drive are SHARP!
You can easily stick yourself!

D) Scroll up to the top of the page one last time.
Click on -
4-pin ATX +12 volt power cable

This is power for your Processor. It MUST be plugged in. Your new power supply will have this power cable.
(This power cable is used for Intel Pentium 4 processors, and above)

This power cable plugs into the motherboard. Has a locking tab on the side of it. Should plug into a small square connector on the motherboard, close to the Processor socket.

(Two Yellow wires, and two Black wires, go into this connector)

Have you purchased a power supply yet, or would you like a recommendation?

One last thing I should bring up.

In the past, Dell had a habit of changing around the wires, in the 20-pin ATX main power cable connector.
(P1 connector)

The color of the insulation on the wires, designates what voltage the wires are using.
(Ground wires are Black, and have no voltage)

1) Yellow is 12 Volts
2) Red is 5 Volts
3) Orange is 3.3 Volts
4) Any Black wire is a Ground wire. (ANY)
5) Green is the Soft Power On wire

Look at the 20-pin ATX main power cable of your new power supply, and compare the color code of the wires, to the Dell's 20-pin main power cable connector.

View the side of the connector that has the locking tab, to orient your view.

Make SURE, the colors of the wires are the SAME, that go into each individual socket hole, on that connector.

If NOT, you will burn up your computer the first time you push the Power On button.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Dell Dimension 8250 PC Desktop

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