Having problems with your Dell Inspiron B130 Notebook ?

Dell Inspiron B130 - can you replace the connection for the power source/battery charger? Mine is shorting out and not always charging the battery (new battery, new AC cord and adaptor).

Answers :

The port on the laptop where the AC adapter plug goes into, is the DC Power Jack.

The DC Power Jack for the Dell Inspiron B130 Notebook PC, is soldered directly to the motherboard.

[Some laptop designs have a cable, that goes from the motherboard, to the jack. The jack is separate from the motherboard.
Some have a separate circuit board that the jack is soldered to. Referred to as a Power Board, (Circuit board) This circuit board plugs into the motherboard]

This is Dell Support, and the main page for the Service Manual - Dell Inspiron B130,


The DC Power Jack is connected to the back of the motherboard.

1) The power sources for the laptop are removed. AC adapter, and Battery.

2) An ESD wrist s-trap is worn, and the alligator clip is attached to a good ground source.

(Electro Static Discharge. The above is an antistatic device that is worn around the wrist, and has a cable coming from the wrist s-trap. At the other end of the cable is an alligator clip. The clip is attached to a good ground source. I use an empty desktop computer case, and connect to the metal frame.

Your body carries Static electricity. Static, will fry out the delicate hardware components inside a computer, in a flash! Poof!
You won't see it, or feel it.
An antistatic device like the above, helps to insure this will not occur.
Average cost is $6)

3) The entire laptop, is disassembled down to the bare motherboard in your hand. (Except for the LCD screen assembly)

[There may be as many as 60 screws, and 12 different types of screws. Some look the same, but they Are Not.
A multi-compartment container should be used, and the different compartments, labeled for the area the screw/s came out of.
You can use a clean egg carton in a pinch]

4) The DC Power Jack is removed, using techniques for un-soldering electronic components.

(I usually use Desoldering Braid, {Also known as Solder Wick}, instead of a Desoldering Tool. Works much better. The melted solder is taken up by the braid, and the solder is removed a little at a time)

A) If the circuit trace is heated too much, by lingering with the soldering iron, (Or soldering iron attached to a Soldering Station), the circuit trace may lift right off of the motherboard.

This renders the motherboard useless.

B) If too large a wattage of a soldering iron is used, or a soldering tip that is too large, the circuit trace can lift right off of the motherboard.
Too much heat.
Renders the entire motherboard useless.

(Think of a circuit trace as being a very flat, thin, tiny copper wire)

The circuit trace area where the Prongs, or Leads, of the DC Power Jack go down through, is tinned already with solder.
If too much heat is applied by A), or B) above, this area can be rendered useless.

The area will no longer accept solder. You can't make a solder joint again in this area.

(The circuit trace area that I am describing, is a small area around a hole in the motherboard. The DC Power jack has pins, (Properly referred to as Prongs, or Leads), that go down through these holes)

If this occurs you might as well take your motherboard, and use it for a Frisbee.

This is the what a replacement DC Power Jack looks like, for a Dell Inspiron B130 laptop,


You can click on the photo to enlarge it. The photo shows the jack upside down, in relation to how it sits on the motherboard.
Those flat metal pins you see sticking up are the Prongs, or Leads for the jack.

In the right side of the photo, you can see the Lead that comes up in the middle, on the back of the jack. The lead is riveted to the jack. This view shows the back of the DC Power Jack.
This is the Positive connection.

The Positive connection goes to the pin in the center of the jack.
The lead immediately on the left of it, is the Negative connection.

The Negative connection goes to the strip of metal, in the outer part of the DC Power Jack hole.
The outside metal shell of the AC adapter plug contacts it.

5) The circuit trace area for the DC Power Jack's lead's, is cleaned well, and re-tinned with solder.
The new DC Power Jack is installed, and the leads are soldered.

Soldering must be done correctly.
Linger too long while soldering, and you'll cause A) and B) above. Don't keep the soldering iron tip there long enough, and you'll create a Cold solder joint. Or disturb the solder joint before it has properly cooled, and you'll create a cold solder joint.
(Soldering time is usually about a 3 to 4 second window of time)

This technique is usually done by a professional, competent, computer repair tech.
Seems like there are fewer, and fewer of them.

The easy way is just to replace the entire motherboard.
(Also generates more money for the computer repair shop, and the technical skill required is a whole lot less)

This may be an avenue you wish to approach. Don't know. Don't know your soldering skills.

(I have found that Ebay has a lot of laptop motherboards for sale.
Not advertising for Ebay)
Yes you can replace the power adaptor. You may also remove the solder from the existing adapter and re-solder it back on which is what I did. If you just want to replace it I suggest Ebay before I repaired mine I ordered a new one for $5 w/ free shipping.
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