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Dell gx270 power and orange flashing light

\015 Hi, hope all is well in your part of the world.\015\012\015\012I have a similar issue as a post you have, in regarding the orange flashing light issue on Dell Gx270's - Did holding it in for 10secs (the power button) resolve the issue permanently? Or did the unit completly fail soon after anyway? \015\012\015\012When i got back into the office today, one of our training rooms, which have these (second hand) Dell Gx270's had been put in the I.T room by our I.T lead administrator, with a note saying the psu was dead. \015\012I am familiar with the capacitor issue with the Dell Gx280's (as both of these we had failed in quick sucession). \015\012\015\012After opening the case (to inspect the capacitors) I started the unit which booted to windows fine. I was some-what surprised at this, as our Lead I.T is a geek guru, there isnt much I.T related he is ever wrong about or cant fix.\015\012 \015\012So after having the unit on for about five minutes I was thinking of shutting it down, I was doing other tasks at the time, when the next thing i know there is the Dell with the orange flashing power light (and how i found the post). \015\012\015\012I have restarted and left four office apps open and an antivirus trying to get it to fail again, like a makeshift burn in wizard, and am currently typing this from the unit with a "dead psu" - which obviously isnt the case. \015\012\015\012I am also wondering if you have found any knowledge, in your troubleshooting travels of these Dells that might be helpful, do they intermittently fail or they generally fail and thats it? Reason being that it isnt worth putting time into putting the unit back into production especially if its only going to fail again / soon. Or issues like there is just to much dust in the fins of the cpu and its overheating and shutting down because of the "speed step" technology that these cpus are supposed to have. \015\012Any advice would be greatly appreciated.\015\012\015\012Thankyou in advance\015\012\015\012P.S\015\012I didnt try the option of holding in the power button for 10 secs. As I havent had to try this option yet - I dont whish to introduce other elements into the equation until / if required.\015

Answers :

Try www.TheCapKing.com they have the best prices on capacitor kits, free shipping in the US, and no minimum order.
Hi Mikeabcde,
\015\012 I'm not sure how much help I can be in this matter. When I had the problem of a dead PC, showing only the orange flashing light, I was unable to do anything with the machine. As nothing seemed to work except the light, I randomly decided to (a), just push in the button for less than a second (which did nothing, then (b), hold the button in for 5 - 10 seconds, which immediately resolved the issue. Afterwards I talked to my son who is quite a guru in these matters, and he told me that this was "standard procedure" for resetting this machine. I had gotten into trouble when I was reconnecting a CD burner power supply while the PC was on.
\015\012 I believe my machine is a 2004 model, which had been "refurbished" I have to say that I could find no evidence whatsoever of any refurbishing - it looked brand new in every aspect. In researching online, there does appear to be a capacitor problem with this model, although I have had no such problem in over a year of use. I don't believe that overheating is a major issue with the Dell GX270. I have never known dust in the CPU fins to cause excessive overheating. Obviously, if the machine is located in a way which would prevent reasonable ventilation around the case, overheating might then occur, but this would be unlikely.
\015\012 Replacing a bad capacitor might be a solution, although it might be difficult to identify the problem cap., since they can go bad without any visible indication. Replacing the power supply unit is a possibility, but the cost might not be justified for this relatively inexpensive machine. Good luck, Mike. Hope everything works out successfully for you Have a great day!
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