Having problems with your Dell Pentium 4, 2.26 GHz (1W391) ?

I have application error 302

\015 They order to conect application vender\015

Answers :

\015\012\011\011\011 \015\012\011\011\011\011Your Web server thinks that your URL has been temporarily\015\012\011\011\011\011 redirected to another URL. The client system is expected to immediately retry\015\012\011\011\011\011 the alternate URL.
\015\012\011\011\011 302 errors in the HTTP cycle
\015\012\011\011\011 \015\012\011\011\011\011Any client (e.g. your Web browser or our CheckUpDown robot) goes\015\012\011\011\011\011 through the following cycle when it communicates with your Web server:
  • Obtain an IP address from the IP name of your site (your site\015\012\011\011\011\011\011 URL without the leading 'http://'). This lookup (conversion of IP name to IP\015\012\011\011\011\011\011 address) is provided by domain name servers (DNSs).
  • \015\012
  • Open an IP socket connection to that IP address.
  • \015\012
  • Write an HTTP data stream through that socket.
  • \015\012
  • Receive an HTTP data stream back from your Web server in\015\012\011\011\011\011\011 response. This data stream contains status codes whose values are determined by\015\012\011\011\011\011\011 the HTTP protocol. Parse this data stream for status codes and other useful\015\012\011\011\011\011\011 information.
\015\012\011\011\011\011This error occurs in the final step above when the client\015\012\011\011\011\011 receives an HTTP status code that it recognises as '302'.
\015\012\011\011\011 Resolving 302 errors - general
\015\012\011\011\011 \015\012\011\011\011\011The 302 response from your Web server should always include an\015\012\011\011\011\011 alternative URL to which redirection should occur. If it does, a Web browser\015\012\011\011\011\011 will immediately retry the alternative URL. So you never actually see a 302\015\012\011\011\011\011 error in a Web browser, unless perhaps you have a corrupt redirection chain\015\012\011\011\011\011 e.g. URL A redirects to URL B which in turn redirects back to URL A. If your\015\012\011\011\011\011 client is not a Web browser, it should behave in the same way as a Web browser\015\012\011\011\011\011 i.e. immediately retry the alternative URL.
\015\012\011\011\011\011If the Web server does not return an alternative URL with the\015\012\011\011\011\011 302 response, then either the Web server sofware itself is defective or your\015\012\011\011\011\011 Webmaster has not set up the URL redirection correctly.
\015\012\011\011\011 Resolving 302 errors - CheckUpDown
\015\012\011\011\011 \015\012\011\011\011\011Redirection of URLs may occur for low-level URLs (specific URLs\015\012\011\011\011\011 within your Web site such as www.isp.com/products/index.html) when you\015\012\011\011\011\011 reorganise your web site, but is relatively uncommon for the top-level URLs\015\012\011\011\011\011 (such as www.isp.com) which most CheckUpDown users ask us to check. So\015\012\011\011\011\011 this error should be fairly infrequent.
\015\012\011\011\011\011The 302 response from your Web server should always include an\015\012\011\011\011\011 alternative URL to which redirection should occur. If it does, CheckUpDown\015\012\011\011\011\011 automatically tries the alternative URL. This in turn may possibly lead to\015\012\011\011\011\011 another redirection which CheckUpDown then tries. This continues for a maximum\015\012\011\011\011\011 of 5 redirections. As soon as 5 redirections have occurred, CheckUpDown gives\015\012\011\011\011\011 up and reports the 302 error for your account. So you should only ever see the\015\012\011\011\011\011 302 error if 1) your Web server gives no alternative URL on the 302 response or\015\012\011\011\011\011 2) the number of redirections exceeds 5. This second condition should be fairly\015\012\011\011\011\011 unlikely - and may indicate a recursive pattern e.g. URL A redirects to URL B\015\012\011\011\011\011 which in turn redirects back to URL A.
\015\012\011\011\011\011You first need to check that the IP name we use to check for\015\012\011\011\011\011 your account is accurate. If you or your ISP have configured something so that\015\012\011\011\011\011 any access using this name should now be redirected to another name, then you\015\012\011\011\011\011 need to update your CheckUpDown account to start using the new name.
\015\012\011\011\011\011If you believe that the IP name we use is exact (should not be\015\012\011\011\011\011 redirected), please try accessing the current URL using a Web browser. Note\015\012\011\011\011\011 carefully which URL actually gets displayed, because your browser may silently\015\012\011\011\011\011 switch to a substitute URL if it receives an 302 message from your Web server.\015\012\011\011\011\011 If you see any evidence of a new URL, try accessing that directly from your\015\012\011\011\011\011 browser. If this works (you see your Web site as expected), then this new URL\015\012\011\011\011\011 is what you may need to update on your CheckUpDwon account. If this is a\015\012\011\011\011\011 temporary redirection, then you may also need to reinstate the original IP name\015\012\011\011\011\011 at a later date when the redirection is no longer effective.
\015\012\011\011\011\011If none of the above help, we can analyse the underlying HTTP\015\012\011\011\011\011 data streams we receive from your Web server. These can provide additional\015\012\011\011\011\011 information about the new URL(s) which your Web server thinks we should be\015\012\011\011\011\011 accessing. Before doing this, we prefer you to identify any deliberate changes\015\012\011\011\011\011 on your side, liaising with your ISP if needs be.
\015\012\011\011\011\011302 errors should occur infrequently, because top-level URLs do\015\012\011\011\011\011 not change often. If they do change, then this is typically because a\015\012\011\011\011\011 redirection URL is being suggested. This pervasive change is unlikely to occur\015\012\011\011\011\011 by accident, so most often we can resolve this error by updating our system\015\012\011\011\011\011 records for your account following a deliberate change of URL on your part,\015\012\011\011\011\011 whether this change is temporary or permanent.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Dell Pentium 4, 2.26 GHz (1W391)

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