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My computer freezes for no apparent reason :(

\015 Ok so bear with me here I'm not a computer wiz but I am a gamer. Basically I got this xps 600 from a friend who just got an alienware desktop so he gave this to me and I do not know the history about it but he says it worked fine. So basically I it runs fine for any big programs like World of Warcraft which is pretty much all I want to use it for. The first time I tried playing it, it worked fine for about 30 mins and then the whole comp froze not just the program. Then the next time I was downloading a file off the internet and the whole comp froze again. Basically any time I go on it and do something that requires no internet interruptions (which I'm thinking is the problem but not sure) it freezes and I'm not sure what to do/check. Anyways It would be great help if I could get some suggestions. Just reply if u have one or u need to know more. thanks.\015

Answers :

Thanks for the details
\015\012something you need to know is that freeze ups (intermittent ones) are hard to diagnose.. and it may require to swap some with known good ones to determine what the problem is
\015\012this is what I would start with.
\015\0121. if you're new to the computer.. check for viruses and malware in general or better yet do a clean reisntall of the os. (it problably would be faster particularly if you don't have any info on it since you're using it for games) then test your games and see how it behaves... if the problem is fixed.. you may have had a software issue or simply malware or some virus.
\015\0122. you did a clean install and it kept freezing up on you (that's when it gets interesting).
\015\012you suspect it could be something related with internet... check the network updater:
\015\012couple of things you can try:
\015\012a. if the network adapter is onboard: check for new drivers then test if it does not work disable the adapter in device manager and test... run some games of the harddisk or the cd/dvd drive and see how it behaves..
\015\012b. if the network adapter is a pci card..check for new drivers then test if it does not work uninstall from device manager and uninstall card phisically and test running some games off the hdd or cd/dvd drive, (feel free to try to use your onboard network adapter if avaliable.. don't forget to enable this one if it was disabled on bios) and test
\015\0123. if you're a gamer and your old pal (the one that got you the computer was one too) you very likely have a good video card on your system.. check for new drivers then test if it does not work uninstall and then use onboard video adapter and test...
\015\0124. you tried 2 and it kept happening... first thing I would do is do some checking on the memory: if you have 2 sticks of memory.. run the computer with one memory stick at a time and test (one memory stick at a time)
\015\012if it only has 1 memory stick.. get a new memory stick and test the system with the new memory stick.
\015\0125. check your hard drive (it may be getting old)... download a program called speed fan and check the startus of your hdd and the the online comparison (if it doesn't freeze up on you).
\015\0126. if you got upto here... things are not looking good.. you may have a problem with the motherboard or even your cpu... I would do some monitoring with task manager... check and see if by creating some stress on your cpu usage (open, close, run programs).. you can duplicate the freeze up).. at this time you may to think on replacing either one of those components.. been more likely your motherboard... but only way to find out would be swaping components for know good components..
\015\012have fun and let me know how it turns out.
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My computer freezes for no apparent reason :(

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