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Tower shuts down after 5-10 seconds.

\015 This is a urgent problem, as I work from home on the computer, and am currently having to use a rental, which is absolutely draining this single moms finances. My computer over heated about 20 times over a years period of time. I believe this was due to the actual heat, rather then a dust/fan issue. One day it overheated and then began to shut down within about 10 seconds or less, after restarting. Inadvertently, I turned it on without the monitor plugged in, and it stayed on just fine...I found the monitor, plugged it in, and 10 seconds later it shut down. I did this a few times, to make sure that it was the added load that shut it down. I've cleaned it completely, and the fan seems to work fine. My computer is a e Machines 8.5GB Model#T5026. Any ideas that I might try at home (I'd need a walk through)? Or what the repair cost might be, if repairable? Anything will be greatly appreciated.Thank you so much!\015

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I've done some reading, and it seems as though this model computer is somewhat known for this problem.
\015\012Heat can absolutely destroy a computer. I think there are most likely some reoccuring issues going on if the computer has overheated roughly 20 times. I would definitely reccommend keeping the computer off of carpet and leaving the case vents unobstructed. That can help cut down on some of the heat.
\015\012Now as far as the problem with the computer turning on and off, I would recommend first moving the computer to another outlet. Completely remove the power cord and monitor, and try the computer in another outlet.
\015\012If that doesn't work, I might would suggest resetting all of the internal power connectors and add-on cards. With time and heat, computers will suffer from socket creep. The expansion and contraction (from the heating and cooling of the add-on cards) causes the cards to slowly creep out of their sockets with time and may be causing something to short itself out.
\015\012Last but not least, I would probably say that the problem would lie in the power supply (if no other solution remedies the issue). From what I read, the power supplies have been known to go out in this model computer.
\015\012Please let me know what you find, and if I could be of anymore help
Try "Googling" this. It may take you to the e-machine website. It's worth a try. I have an e-machine and love it. MIne is a T3642.
\015\012Good luck.
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Tower shuts down after 5-10 seconds.

I've done some reading, and it seems as though this model computer is somewhat known for this problem. \015\012\015\012Heat can absolutely destroy a computer. I think there are most likely some reoccuring issues going on if the computer ... E-Machines T5026 PC Desktop

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