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The drawer for CD/DVD on my T6528 will not open

\015 I can open it by putting a little pin in the small hole...but when I contacted e-machine they said I need to put a new one in?Someone else told me I just need to re-dowload my drivers? I am not computer savey at all... my grandson took care of these things, but he is in California and just graduated from Marine Boot Camp and won't be at Grandma's till Christmas... I don't have a lot of money and if I don't need something new... I don't want to get something I didn't really need...Thank you and God Bless..Grandma Patti\015

Answers :

Hi Grandma Patti,

To test the theory of bad drivers follow this instruction >>>>>>

Right click on My Computer and select Manage from the sub menu.
A computer management window will pop up so select Device Manager from the list on the left hand side.
A device list will populate. Look in the list for DVD/CD ROM drives and click on the + icon next to the DVD/CD.
Right click on the actual DVD/CD drive and select uninstall, click Yes to any warnings given and then restart your PC.

Once the computer has restarted wait for the operating system to reinstall the drivers for the DVD/CD drive and then try to eject the disk tray.
Listen closely to the drive to see if you can hear it trying to eject.

If it still won't eject then chances are the disk tray is getting trapped on the drop down flap on the front of the computer case.
Pull that flap down and push the eject button on the DVD/CD drive and see if it will eject.

If its still won't eject then what E-Machines customer services have told you is correct and you will need a new drive.
They are inexpensive around $30.

If the drive still reads disks then your stuck with using a pin until you can have the drive replaced.

The very best of luck to you.
If you can hear the drive attempt to open, then the loading belt needs to be replaced. This is a common failure related to the drives age and the heat that is generated inside the machine. The drive would need to be dis-assembled a bit to fix this. Check around in your local area for a service center and explain that the loading belt needs to be replaced. The belt itself costs about $1 and is easily replaced. It takes about 10 minutes to replace it.
\015\012Good luck.
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