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Gateway lp2207 appears power supply has burn out...is worth repair any suggestion on repair

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Actually the problem is one of the capacitors on the power supply.
\015\012\015\012I have the same monitor Gateway LP2207 and just replaced the capacitor.
\015\012\015\012Here is a step by step guide (I could not find anything on this\015\012monitor except what is on this site which is not much)
\015\012\015\0121. Remove the stand by taking out the 2 screws
\015\012\015\0122. Remove the 4 Wall mount screws
\015\012\015\0123. Remove the 3 screws at the bottom back of monitor
\015\012\015\0124. Pry the rear case off by starting in either the left or right\015\012corner at the bottom and work your way
\015\012\015\012to the center. (Note you WILL break off a little piece of the\015\012retainer clip on the inside but its not a major concern as you will not see it\015\012when you put it back together) Once you get it split a bit you need to work\015\012your way around the sides very carefully.
\015\012\015\0125. Once you get it split do not pull off the front bezel too fast\015\012as the tape wire for the front controls will be attached, all you need to do is\015\012pull up in the direction the cable is running and it will pull out very easy, be\015\012careful not to damage this tape wire.
\015\012\015\0126. Once you get the front bezel off there are 4 screws retaining\015\012the LCD cage to the rear case, remove these 4 screws.
\015\012\015\0127.Set the front and rear case cover aside and lay a soft towel\015\012down and flip the LCD on its face, next there are 4 screws securing the LCD\015\012into the LCD cage (Please note I’m not a professional and don't know the exact\015\012names for all the parts but I think once you get the case open you will\015\012understand what I'm calling what)
\015\012\015\0128. Remove the 4 wires on the left of the unit and the cable\015\012grouping on the right. you will also need to remove all the taped wires that\015\012are secured to the LCD cage.
\015\012\015\0129. There are 2 parts to the cage, you will need to only remove the\015\012top 4 screws and the 2 screws where the monitor speaker is. This is needed only\015\012because in order to get the power supply out you need a little space to remove\015\012it.
\015\012\015\01210. Remove the 2 screws where the power cord plugs into
\015\012\015\01211. Flip the unit over so that you can see the power supply and\015\012the video board and remove the * screws holding the power supply into the cage.
\015\012\015\01212. Remove the wires from the Video board going to the power\015\012supply board, you will also need to remove the wire going to the USB hub, this\015\012can be done by removing the 2 screws holing the metal protection plate and then\015\012pull the wires from the hub.
\015\012\015\01213. Now remove the power supply and look at the capacitors on the\015\012board, you will see the top of the capacitor has a bulge on the top, that is\015\012the one that needs to be replaced.
\015\012\015\012Now here is the good part! if you know how to solder Go down to\015\012your local Radio Shack and get a new capacitor for 2.00, replace the capacitor,\015\012if not then take the board to your local TV repair shop and tell them to\015\012replace the capacitor, it should only cost you about 25 -35 bucks since you did\015\012all the work pulling the monitor apart and it only takes them 10 min to remove\015\012and replace the capacitor.
\015\012\015\012Now once you have it repaired put it all back together in the reverse\015\012order and you will have yourself a repaired monitor for 35.00 and an hour worth\015\012of your time.
\015\012\015\012I hope this has helped anyone with this monitor and has saved you\015\012the time that it took me to search the net (I looked for 2 days and found\015\012nothing)
Additional note to item 5: The "tape wire (AKA flat cable) is held by a latch, the proper way to detach it is by opening the latch rather than just pulling in the direction of the cable (although that did work for me and didn't seem to harm the connector).
\015\012The latch is opened by lifting from the direction of the cable, thereby releasing the cable.
\015\012Even if you did detach the cable by just pulling, you won't be able to reconnect the cable by just pushing. You need to lift the latch, place the cable all the way in, and lower the latch.
\015\012I had 2 power supply capacitors bulging, as well as two (smaller) capacitors on the video processing board. Replaced them all, and my monitor is alive (I got it dumpster diving at the cokputer repait store).
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Gateway lp2207 appears power supply has burn out...is worth repair any suggestion on repair

Actually the problem is one of the capacitors on the power supply.\015\012\015\012 \015\012\015\012I have the same monitor Gateway LP2207 and just replaced the capacitor.\015\012\015\012 ... Gateway GT4010 (RBGT4010) PC Desktop

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