Having problems with your Gateway GT5662 Desktop PC ?

Hello, I have a Gateway model GT5662, stock setup - Will not boot

\015 Hello, I have a Gateway model GT5662, stock setup. The machine was working fine until a couple days ago. When I attempt to power the system on, the power light illuminates, the fans kick on, but the computer will not boot-up. Initially it would go to the BIOS screen, and hang there, but now it doesn't even go there. The keyboard and mouse do not register, nor does the monitor activate upon power up. I have attempted the step-by-step process of removing external accessories as per the Gateway website to no success. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Wondering if its the power supply, the mobo/processor, or some other issue. Cables are connected correctly. Thanks in advance\015

Answers :

Usually, if it's a motherboard that has a failed component on it, you will see failed Electrolytic Capacitors. The small aluminum 'Cans' on the motherboard.

The Electrolytic Capacitors that surround the Processor, should have special attention payed to them. These capacitors are Voltage Regulators for the Processor. If even One is bad, the Processor won't receive the correct amount of voltage, and won't turn on.

Most of the time Electrolytic Capacitors will show visual signs of failure.
There are rare occasions that they do not.
In this case the Electrolytic Paste has dried up in the capacitor, and no outside visual signs will be shown.

I realize that it may look like I'm typing a foreign language here.
This is more information about Visual Signs of Capacitor Failure,


The Gateway GT5662 Desktop PC uses an ECS MCP61PM-GM motherboard.
As you can see in the photo below, it does use Electrolytic Capacitors, and not solid capacitors,


ECS motherboards are not reliable, and known for capacitor issues.


I believe your problem directly stems from a bad power supply.
Power supply has a Weak Voltage Power Rail.

Reasoning for this diagnoses?
Computer tech who has seen this problem at my shop over the years, occur more times than you can shake a stick at.

Would rate it at 70 percent of the reason for computer failure.
It is also rated at that percentage all over the internet.

The diagnoses you stated is correct for this type of problem.

Weak voltage power rail:

Your Gateway GT5662 can come with one of three power supply's.
1) Bestec - Part Number - 6506056R300 - 300 Watt
2) HiPro - P/N - 6506055R300 - 300 Watt
3) Delta - P/N - 6506054R300 - 300 Watt
(P/N's are Gateway numbers)

These are cheap generic power supply's. They have cheap components inside.
Cheap Electrolytic Capacitors,
Gauge of wiring is too small,
Rectifier Bridge is of low quality,
and the list goes on.
When you pick your power supply up, you can feel how light it is in weight.
You can literally feel the difference in weight, when you pick up a decent power supply in comparison.

These power supply's have three main voltage rails. (Very common)
1) The 3.3 Volt power rail
2) The 5 Volt power rail
3) The 12 Volt power rail

The Electrolytic Capacitors used inside the PSU, (Power Supply Unit), are used in the Input stage, and the Output stage.

Used for the incoming 120 volts AC from your house, in the Input stage.
Used for the outgoing DC Volts that have been converted, inside the power supply in the Output stage.

[A computer power supply converts AC electricity, into DC electricity for the computer.
3.3 Volts, 5 Volts, and 12 Volts are DC.
Alternating Current and Direct Current. A flashlight battery is an example of stored DC]

With a weak voltage rail there isn't enough power to turn on the processor.

1) ALL the lights use less than 1 Watt
2) EACH fan uses 2 to 3 Watts
3) A typical Processor uses 55 to 125 WATTS.

This is why the Power On light comes on, the fans spin a few times, but no Operating System comes up.
(Windows XP is an example of an operating system)

No video signal from the computer, you get a No Signal on your monitor. No video signal because the computer isn't working.

When you press the Power On button, you are making a temporary circuit to the power supply, through the motherboard.
You are making a circuit that delivers 5 volts to the power supply. Just for a few seconds. Soft Power On.
(That's why the Power On switch is spring loaded)

The power supply comes on, and the BIOS program is activated.
(From the BIOS chip on the motherboard)

BIOS checks to see what devices are installed, does a Ram Memory count, turns the Processor on, and hands the computer over to the Operating System.

You don't even have enough power to activate BIOS now.

Why does a power supply fail?
Usually two reasons, or a combination of both.

1) Computer is dirty inside, and so is the power supply.
Computers should be cleaned inside, ( And the power supply), on a regular basis with a can of compressed air for computers.
(Computer unplugged from power)

2) Cheap components used in a cheap quality power supply.

Replace the power supply, also insure that the computer is clean inside before doing so.

Do you have another power supply that is compatible, and is known to be good to use for a test?
(300 Watt ATX style with at least the same power cables)

Some of us have old computers around, that we can 'Borrow' one for a test, then put it back.
This would prove my diagnoses to be correct, and you will know what to buy.


This is NOT an invite to open your power supply.
The Electrolytic Capacitors used inside can hold a charge for Weeks, sometimes Months!
If your fingers touch the wrong spot, (Terminals on capacitor, or circuit one, or more are in), YOU could receive the charge!

Shock is Bad to Fatal!
This sounds like a CPU or motherboard problem. When the power supply comes on, the fans will work because they are not interconnected with the motherboard, so the power supply seems OK.

I believe the problem is on the motherboard.
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