Having problems with your Gateway T-6330U Notebook ?

I need to know how to remove the keyboard from my laptop, gateway laptop t-6330u

Answers :

1.Remove the AC adapter, (Charger), if plugged in. (Unplug the AC adapter from the surge protector first, then from the laptop)
Remove the Battery.
There must be NO electrical sources for the laptop!

2.I caution you to observe anti-static guidelines. Static is a silent 'killer', of a computer's delicate hardware components. Static can silently fry out your delicate computer hardware components, and you may not even see it, or feel it!

It is for this reason that I implore you to buy, and wear, an anti-static wristband.
(ESD wristband. Electro Static Discharge. The wristband goes around your wrist, with a cord attached to the wristband. At the end of the cord is an alligator clip. The alligator clip is attached to a good ground source. This will relieve static from your body. Cost averages around $6. Radio Shack is but one source for these.
I use an empty desktop computer case, and attach the alligator clip to the metal frame)

I also advise working on a tabletop. Directly on a carpet floor, a bed, or a couch, is NOT recommended! These are high areas of Static!

3.Open your Gateway laptop, and gently push the LCD screen all the way, until it touches the table. (180 degrees)
I also advise laying a lint-free, non-static cloth over the LCD screen. In case of an accident with a slippage of a tool, this may help save your LCD screen from a scratch.

4.The first component to remove is the Keyboard Cover. This is the flat strip of plastic located right above the keyboard, and immediately below the LCD screen. (Has the Power On button, LED lights, speakers, and so on) It is the hardest component you will have to remove, when replacing the keyboard.

You'll notice that the Keyboard Cover at each end, has a parting line. The line where comes around, and meets the small plastic strips, on each side of the keyboard. If you look at the right side, past the speaker grille, and over on the side of the laptop, you'll see a small indentation.
Looks as though a flat tip Jewelers screwdriver would fit in it.

Should you decide to use a metal device such as this, wrap a light cloth around the flat tip. I use a hard plastic letter opener. Keeps the plastic from being scratched.

Whichever device you choose, use finesse, and pop this side up, by twisting the device. You will note that it only pops up so far. I use another plastic letter opener, and place it in the small opening that has developed. Then you work around the Keyboard Cover popping it up a little at a time as you go around, with the first device.

Use Caution, and Do Not insert the device too far! About 1/8th inch should suffice. There are small wires that connect to the speakers, LED lights, Power On button, and so forth.

As you come around to the other side, and have almost completed the circumference of the Keyboard Cover, you will note that it pops loose all the way.
Gently lift it up, and set it towards the LCD screen. Use finesse as there are very small wires still connected to it. When replacing it, observe where the wires are, so that they won't become pinched. Arrange the wires accordingly.

Now remove the screws that hold the keyboard in place, and press the release tab for the keyboard. Should be 3 to 4 of them. The keyboard lifts up a 45 degree angle. I caution you to Not lift it all the way up at a 90 degree angle!
You will break the locating tabs at the bottom! (Front of laptop)

There is also a small wire harness, that needs to be disconnected from the laptop body, to the keyboard, BEFORE you can lift the keyboard past a 45 degree angle.

The connector is a small white rectangle shape. It is a Male and Female connector. Looking closely you will see a parting line where the two halves meet. If you have the new keyboard, you will be able to observe the shape of it's connector more closely, and be more aware of how the two halves separate. I use my fingernails to separate the two halves. Sometimes you have to gently persuade it with a flat tip Jewelers screwdriver, but use extreme Caution!

Reverse these steps to assemble.
I apologize for the length of this solution beforehand. I wanted to give you a concise, clear, step by step guide, as though I were sitting right next to you, and guiding you.
The first thing that you need to do is to remove the little strip above the keyboard off than there will be 2 or 3 verry small screws that hold the keyboard in place, remove them and the keyboard will lift off, be carefull underneath the keyboard is a strip of wires that connect to the motherboard that need to be unpluged so dont pull the keyboard out too far or you will damage these wires.
once this is done than you can remove the keyboard . ok now just reverse the steps when putting on the new keyboard ok?
best regards michal
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Gateway T-6330U Notebook

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