Having problems with your HP Compaq nx6110 Notebook ?

Usb flash disk not detected

\015 My compaq nx6110 wont recognize a usb flash disk on any of the four ports. someone wanna help?\015

Answers :

There can be several reasons for Flash Drives not being detected \015\012by your computer. \015\012
First your computer is not able to provide drivers for your Flash \015\012Drive. Now, for your information, you do not need to install any drivers\015\012 from outside if you are using Windows 2000 SP4,Windows XP or Windows \015\012Vista as they come with native support for these devices. \015\012
If you are thinking that you are already using one of these versions\015\012 of windows still your computer is not able to mount your Flash Drive. \015\012Don't worry,that's why I am writing this article. Just read on... \015\012
If your are not on one of these Windows version then your problem \015\012can be easily resolved by just installing the drivers which you get on a\015\012 disc that comes with your Flash Drive. If you did not receive any \015\012disc,try checking out the manufacturer's website and it should be there \015\012for sure. If still no luck,then try contacting me....
Remember, \015\012everything is explained here assuming that you are on Windows XP but \015\012need not worry as other Windows like Vista should work the same way.
Let's\015\012 come back to the topic..
There are several possible reasons for \015\012Flash Drives not mounting on your computer. Mentioned below are few of \015\012them:
Drive Letter Conflict
Flash Drive not formatted \015\012properly
Windows require some patch or update\015\012
Problem with the USB port \015\012
Physical connection problem
So, let's start with the first \015\012one, that is, drive letter conflict.
Now, this can be the problem \015\012when you are trying to use your Flash Drive in a network environment. \015\012The best possible solution to this problem is to change the drive letter\015\012 assigned to Flash Drive. This can be done by going to Disk Management \015\012and right clicking on Removable Drive and then clicking on Change Drive \015\012Letter. You can select any drive letter which is not assigned by windows\015\012 to any drive or partition in any computer inside a network. Also, \015\012before changing the drive letter it's recommended to check if your Flash\015\012 Drive is showing in Device Manager under Disk Drives. If it's not there\015\012 that problem can be something else.
If changing Drive Letters \015\012does not help and drive is showing in Device Manager then probably you \015\012should try disconnecting that computer from the network by taking out \015\012the network cable or if you are inside a corporate environment then try \015\012contacting you IT deptt to know the drive letter not being used \015\012anywhere.
Let's talk about the second scenario. If the drive is \015\012not formatted properly that means that it's mounting up and being \015\012detected by the computer as well. It's just would be giving a message to\015\012 Format the Drive when trying to access it. This can happen if the File \015\012System has corrupted on Flash Drive or its not formatted in the \015\012supported format. For example, if you are trying to use a Flash Drive \015\012formatted in Ext2 file system in Windows Computer. The only solution to \015\012this problem is to format the drive in the supported format. For windows\015\012 you should always format the drive in Fat or Fat32 and in Macintosh you\015\012 should use MSDOS as this will also be supported by Windows computer. \015\012Please note formatting the Drive will ERASE all data. So, if you have \015\012any important data kindly try using a different computer to see if drive\015\012 works or contact a Data Recovery company. If you want some reference \015\012kindly leave a comment.
Also, if you are not able to format the \015\012Flash Drive, please try using the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. It's \015\012made by HP but works on generally all Flash Drives.
Now let's talk\015\012 about problems that can happen because of any updates or patches. No \015\012matter if you have the latest service pack for your Vista or XP \015\012computer. Still, there are few updates or rather say patches which need \015\012to be installed if you face any such problem.
Vista Patch \015\012
Please find the link to Vista Patch at the end of this article.
As\015\012 per Microsoft the patch will fix the following issues:
" When the\015\012 computer resumes from a suspend state or from a hibernation state, the \015\012computer stops responding. Additionally, you receive a "0x9F" stop \015\012message on a blue screen.
" The computer takes a long time to \015\012resume from a suspend state or from a hibernation state.
" The \015\012computer takes a long time to resume from a suspend state or from a \015\012hibernation state when you use a VIA controller.
" The computer \015\012stops responding when you use an Authentic USB fingerprint reader. \015\012Additionally, you receive a "0xFE" Stop error on a blue screen or a \015\012"0x9F" Stop error on a blue screen.
" The computer stops \015\012responding when you use a USB Bluetooth audio device.
" The \015\012computer takes a long time to resume from a suspend state or from a \015\012hibernation state when you use an Enhanced Host Controller Interface \015\012(EHCI) controller.
" The computer stops responding when you remove\015\012 a USB device. Additionally, you receive a "0xFE" Stop error on a blue \015\012screen.
" When a computer resumes from a suspend state or from a \015\012hibernation state multiple times, you receive a "0xFE" Stop error on a \015\012blue screen.
So go and install this even if you are facing a \015\012different problem related to but not similar to this.
Another \015\012patch for XP Service Pack 1 is also include at the bottom.
There \015\012are chances of problems with USB ports as well which happens rarely but \015\012the possibility is still there. The best way to identify is to attach \015\012any other USB device on the same port and check if that device works or \015\012not. For Example, USB Printer. Also of you are using a Desktop and \015\012inserting the drive in some front USB port then try using some port at \015\012the back.
Here , I would like to add one more point. If you have a\015\012 high capacity drive like 8 GB and you are trying to use it on an old \015\012computer then due to inadequate power support the drive may not mount \015\012properly.
Sometimes, even if the icon for Removable disc appears \015\012under My Computer,the drive may not work properly as the complete \015\012capacity will not be mounted in case of inadequate power. You can check \015\012this by right clicking on Removable Disc and then clicking on \015\012Properties. If one this window, both free and used space is showing 0 KB\015\012 then this can be the possible problem. In order to fix any issues \015\012related to inadequate power supply you can purchase USB Power Hub from \015\012any computer store and attach it to the USB port. What it does is that \015\012it will convert the low power supplied by USB port to little high power.
But,\015\012 remember this problem generally happens in case of old computers. \015\012Before purchasing USB power hub, you can also try the back port of your \015\012computer if you are on Desktop.
And Last but not the Least, \015\012improper physical connection is the general cause for Drives not getting\015\012 detected. This may happen if USB port or connector on Flash Drive has \015\012bent or physically damaged due to which drive is not able to make a \015\012contact with pins on USB port. In this case, you should also look the \015\012inside area of port or connector and if any damage found please take it \015\012to some local technician of Drive manufacturer to get it fix.
So, \015\012this was my first article. Any feedback will be appreciated. \015\012
\015\012\015\012Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1526594
Is the flash dish recognized by any other computer? If so , then the problem is with the ports. Maybe they are not turned on in the BIOS setup screen? If not then the flash disk is no longer operational. 
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