Having problems with your HP Pavilion dv4015CL PC Notebook ?

Computer ranbdomly shuts down

\015 I have the HP Dv4015cl. Recently the computer has been shutting down for no apparent reason, usually if I am watching a video or playing music, but sometimes for no reaeson at all. I assumed it was a virus, so I attempted to reformat. Now the computer shuts down before it can finish installing xp back on my system. It seems to me that there is a problem with my RAM, but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.\015

Answers :

Your last question was very observant. NO, without an O/S, there is nothing to make a anti-virus program run.

I suggest the problem in the beginning, was that the laptop was overheating. Once the processor becomes too hot, (Processors have a thermal limit), it turns off. (To be more precise, the BIOS program turns it off)

This is a Fail Safe feature built into all processors, (Along with the BIOS program) The processor is shut off to keep it from burning up.

Laptops have a poor cooling design to begin with. All of the hardware components, are crammed into one tiny box. Add to this, that typically there is just one small fan, to cool the components. (Some laptops do have more than one fan. These are usually high-end gamer laptops, and some 'barebones' units. Not your typical laptop)

Add to that, the Air Intake Duct is typically located on the bottom of a laptop, or on the side. (Most of the time it's on the bottom, with the Exhaust Duct on the side)
The Air Intake Duct narrows down to a Cooling Tube. Makes a funnel effect. (The Cooling Tube is connected to a Heatsink sitting on the processor, with the fan blowing air on the heatsink. Some Cooling Tubes extend beyond the processor, and help cool the Northbridge chipset)

Now add to this, that the Air Intake Duct is in an excellent (?) position to **** up foreign debris.
Dirt/Dust/Hair/Food Crumbs, you name it. Doesn't take long, for this foreign debris to build up on the inside of the Air Intake Duct, and also clog the Cooling Tube, Heatsink, and Fan blades.
Doesn't take much, and the cooling capacity of the cooling system, drops exponentially.

When you are using your laptop, the processor has millions of Electrons running through it. The processes the processor computes, makes the processor heat up. The more intense a program is, the harder the processor has to work. More heat is developed. The cooling system must keep up with this, or the processor reaches it's thermal limit, and turns off.

Now you have attempted to reformat the laptop with either a Restoration Disk, or a Full Installation disk. This is an intense program for a computer, (Laptop or Desktop), and the processor is operating at 100 percent. Once the thermal limit has been reached, the processor turns off, and you have a blank harddrive with No Operating System.

So what is the solution?
I suggest trying to clean the Air Intake Duct out first.
AC Adapter (Charger) removed from the laptop. Battery removed. Buy a can of compressed air for computers. Break the plastic lock tab, off of the top of the can of air. Insert the plastic 'straw' into the nozzle. Work on a table. Have your friend hold the laptop up on it's side. If the Air Intake Duct is on the bottom of the laptop, preferably have the Air Intake Duct down towards the table.

To explain further. Looking at the bottom of the laptop, bottom facing you, laptop up on it's side. Air Intake Duct is close to the table.

Start by spraying air, about one finger length away from the Air Intake Duct grille. Start at one side, and come across. When you start, depress the trigger in all the way, let go when you reach the other side. It's just like you're spray painting. (Properly!)
Now drop down a row, and go across again. How far down to drop to make that second row? Use your judgment. You will be able to judge how wide a fan spray the air makes. You may see dust blow off, and can judge it by this.

Keep going down in rows until you are at the bottom of the grille.
Now come back up to the top where you started. This time, bring the straw right up against the grille.
BUT, this time you are going to use Short Bursts of air.
Squeeze the trigger in all the way, but let go quickly. Angle the straw, at a slight angle towards the bottom. You are trying to blow air in, and still have a path for the foreign debris to come out. Go across, the drop down a row, as you did before. Go all the way down the grille, until you are at the bottom.

You are using Short Bursts now, because the straw is close to the grille, and a lot of air pressure is being 'pin pointed' in a small area. The high pressure of air, is going straight through that Cooling Tube, and will spin that fan. You don't want to spin the fan too much faster than it was designed for, or you could cause premature failure of the fan's bearings. (The fan will quit spinning way before it's time. Before the 'Life Cycle' of the fan)

Using the can of air, the directions will state to not tilt the can, or shake it. When doing a good job, it is inevitable that you will tilt the can. You will see, what looks to be like moisture, coming out. It's the propellant in the can, that pushes the air out. Try not tilting the can. Bend the straw a little, with a finger from your other hand.

Also after using the can of air for a while, it will seem as though the air pressure is dropping. Slowing down. It is. The air is coming out of the can so fast, that it's freezing moisture in the outside air. (Also the propellant is usually propane gas, and this cause that effect too) You will see that frost is developing on the top side of the can. Just set the can down, and allow it to warm back up for a few minutes (10?) then you can use it again.

DO NOT spray the Exhaust Duct out!
I invite you to now, bring the laptop back to it's normal position, but prop one edge up on a book. Give any moisture that may have built up inside, a chance to dry out. (10-15 minutes)
Then when you are satisfied the laptop has dried out, plug the battery back in FIRST, then the AC adapter (Charger)

Press the Power On button, and see if the laptop comes on. Not boot up to Windows, just see if it comes up to a screen where you see -> F10 = Based Setup <- message in the lower left corner.
Press the F10 key.
You will now be in BIOS Setup, and see the main menu. Use the Down Arrow key, and 'highlight'
-> Advanced BIOS Settings <-
(It may state Advanced Settings, or Advanced Options, or Advanced Menu)

In the Advanced Menu click on -> Boot Options <-
You will see different devices listed in an order. These are devices in the computer, that it uses to boot up from. BIOS will go down through this order, starting at the top device listed. You want CDROM listed first. You are making CDROM as the first boot device.

(No, it doesn't matter if you have a CD drive, or a DVD drive. You are making whatever optical drive you have, as the first boot device)

To change the Boot Order, look down at the bottom of the screen. You will see a Navigation Guide.
It won't state navaigation guide.
It will state -> Change Value, and either have +/- listed, or Page Up/Page Down, listed.
The + key is along with your -> = <- key. The -> - <- key is with the Underscore key. ( _ )
Use the Up or Down Arrow key, and highlight -> CDROM.
Use whatever Change Value key's it shows. I suggest trying the Minus key first. ( - )
(If this is the key they list)

There is a variation. Sometimes,, you have to highlight the first boot device listed, and use the Change Value key, to move it down the list. Keep experimenting, until CDROM comes to the top of the list.

Once you have CDROM at the top of the list, it will be the first boot device.
Press the F10 key.
Now press the y key. (Y is for Yes. Yes you want to Save Changes)
Now press the Enter key.

Try to get that Windows XP installation disk in your optical drive, as quicly as possible. (CD or DVD drive)
Your computer will be booting up from the WinXP disk.
Should you miss this window of opportunity, DON'T sweat it!
Get the XP disk in there.
Now press the CTRL , ALT, and Delete keys, AT THE SAME TIME.
Your laptop will restart, and boot from the XP disk.

This is the Maintenance and Service Guide for the HP Pavilion dv4015cl laptop. From HP.com/Support.


You just copy and paste the link above to your address bar, then press the Enter key.
Give it time to download. It may take as many as 20 seconds until you see the first page. Until then, it will seem like nothing is happening at all. After you see the first page, I suggest you wait until the download has finished, before looking through it. (This states its a Service Guide, but it's really a Service MANUAL)

If the above link doesn't work for you, then go here,

Click on -> HP Pavilion dv4000 Notebook PC and Comapq Presario V4000 Notebook PC-
Maintenance and Service Guide<- , in blue. (Size 3.3MB)
Rather than re-installing windows have you tried running a virus checker ?? as for the ram i wouldn't think so not if it shuts down for no apparent reason as a point of interest from what i have found that reinstalling windows won't get rid of a virus hope this helps regards Jim
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for HP Pavilion dv4015CL PC Notebook

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