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I spilled water on my laptop

\015 Five days ago i was drinking water at my laptop which is Toshiba portege 7010CT and i spilled it out all over my laptop while it was on.immediately i turn off ,cleaned with a piece of cloth and put it up side-down.\015\012Now it is five days ,it is not working\015\012when i plug the socket the battery light and the computer light is on,but the computer is not starting and the plug light is off\015\012i have never assemble or reassemble a laptop,but i do not have a problem with the desktop.\015\012therefore ,would you please help me what i should do?\015\012if i have to open and clean it thoroughly ,would you please show me how to do it.\015\012 \015\012thanks\015\012i appreciate your help\015\012\015\012Hii , I have golden fish on my table along with the laptop, today i had to change water for fish and i did, but while putting it back glass slided through my figures and i was about to drop down aquarium pot but some how manged to hold it in that process spilled little water on laptop which was turned on!, the screen turned off immediately...i tried several times to turn on ...but all my efforts are in vain ...I wish my laptop works!Thanks,could you please suggest me some thing ?\015

Answers :

As was said previously, once you tried to start the PC without completely drying it out, you fried components and now you have an expensive paper weight.

If it is important to you, you can get a new or used motherboard (off Ebay) and power supplies if necessary, but paying someone to remove the old put in the new, and repair any other problems it may have, will cost you more then the PC is worth.

New prices are falling fast these days. The el- cheap o's E machines and Acer products are below $300. Next time follow the rules of unplug, remove battery immediately. Dry out completely following the ideas given, if ya use the oven, be careful you don't melt the plastic. I use hair blower (medium hot setting) to dry out components when needed. Use paper towels and tooth picks gently to stick in any area you can to try to get the moisture out.

Any moisture left will cause immediate damage when electrical current is supplied via wall outlet or battery, so check and recheck before you turn it on. Patience is key here, panicking and turning it on before you should will surely cause damage.

I've brought back many drenched cameras, phones, laptops by being patient and making sure every possible area is purged of moisture. Patience is needed, at night set it up over a heat duct so the hot air blows over and through the product. During the day let the sun shine on it as well, not to the point it melts anything, but keeps the unit hot enough to evaporate moisture.

When you believe all possible moisture is gone, then turn it on. You might be lucky and have your item for an indefinite period of time, or like in the case of this laptop, an expensive paper weight.

One other idea, there is electrical cleaning products that use acetone to clean electrical connections. You can spray this all over the opened laptop to push the moisture out and the spray will evaporate. If you can't find this, brakelean for brake parts on a car is similar to these electrical cleaners and will work and evaporate leaving little to no trace it was there. take the screws out of the case and gently take them off the unit (of course no electrical current is supplied while doing this) Then spray the motherboard and components liberally forcing it into nooks and crevaces, and it will force the water out.

Again let it dry over a period of time even after all your cleaning efforts. If you did it right, you got it back in working condition. Good luck.
Sorry about your laptop, I don't think there is anything you can do about it now except salvage components that didn't get fried.

For future reference: You should unplug, power down, and remove batteries immediately when electronics are contaminated by liquids. Then you can attempt to dry them out, but don't be in a hurry to re apply power, as if there is any liquid shorting circuits, it will cause further damage to the device. Warm air from a blow dryer with all possible openings opened on the device and changing its position periodically and continue for a day or so after all signs of moisture are gone and you may have half of a chance of reviving the device (in this case your laptop).
You can try this now, but after five days of attempts to restart the laptop with power to it, I doubt it will work.

Good luck in the future.
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