Having problems with your HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook ?

Potential Heat Damage?

\015 I may not have chosen the right product for this, but I can tell you it is an HP Pavilion dv6000 series computer. As you may be able to tell already, I'm not entirely familiar with the inner workings of a computer, but I'm assuming my problem is not model-specific.\015\012\015\012I'm a fairly frequent gamer when it comes to computers. I'm not into the most demanding of games (World of Warcraft, Sims 2, Civilization, Command of Conquer), but certainly games that cause my laptop to generate a lot of heat. My problem started whenever my computer would get really hot. So hot you couldn't touch it with your bare hands. This only happened when playing a game for over an hour or so. When the heat built up, I would have brief moments where my framerate would plummet to between 6-8 fps from my normal 30 fps or so (a mediocre framerate from my understanding, but I had no problem with it). This would last about 10 seconds, and would happen every 40 seconds or so. I basically just dealed with it, and learned to just ride out the moments of horrible framerates. This is the first laptop I had owned, so I never really thought of the potential damage I might be doing to my system. After several months of this I FINALLY got a laptop cooler. The first one was cheap and didn't work so well, but the second one works like a charm. Unfortunately, I think it was a case of too little too late. The framerate drop seemed to disappear for a while with the cooler, but resurfaced soon after, happening on virtually any game I play, even those that aren't nearly as demanding as the ones I've previously mentioned (civilization 4). Another problem that started at random, and only occured every couple months is one that concerns me even more. When playing such games, I'll have the framerate virtually dimish to 2 or 3 fps and then freeze. The interface of the game disappears, any menus, options, mini-maps, etc disappear and reappear repeatedly maybe 5 or 6 times. On a game like WoW my character would also "blink" with the rest of the UI. On a game like CIV 4 all of the units,trees, cities would blink off/on as well. This would occur while the game was still running (albeit with the low fps surge), but would soon after freeze, continuing to blink. Shortly afterwards my screen blacks out. The only response I get from the computer thereafter is a single, short, loud beep coming from the speakers. Then nothing. All I can do is turn the computer off and back on via the power button. This all happens within a minute or so, and once the "blinking" starts I know what's coming. This used to be a very rare occasion in which I would shrug and move on at the inconvenience, but now its happening so often that I've totally given up on playing any games at all. \015\012\015\012I'm hoping someone has some advice for me here. It seems all too likely that this is heat damage. As a side note, everything else operates fine, browsing the internet, word processing, playing music, etc. I'm considering just leaving this is a lost cause as far as games go and buying a decent, well ventilated desktop computer that serves my needs as well, but if there's any hope left for the laptop that won't burn a hole in my pocket, I'd like to do what I can. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice!\015

Answers :

Alot of the games require that a certain video card be used for otimal graphics. your laptops computer could very well have a card that is not up to the challenge of running those games. if you can watch movies and play music and all that other stuff it might just be that. the card you have in your laptop is just not up for the task. my personal opinion and on i am in the process of doing is building a gaming computer. use the laptop for work related things or school related things and the desktop for gaming.
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Potential Heat Damage?

Alot of the games require that a certain video card be used for otimal graphics. your laptops computer could very well have a card that is not up to the challenge of running those games. if you can watch movies and play music and all that other stuff ... HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

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