Having problems with your HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook ?

Speed fan shows 95 C when i play games(poor frame rates)!!!!

\015 I recently bought my new notebook.hp pavilion dv5-1106 ax.....amd turion x2-rm70...ati radeon hd-3750.\015\012when i installed nfs carbon,fifa08,on a drive which already had two games in it.............i got poor frame rates in both the games.\015\012 \015\012i read on fixya only that if i store the game in a fresh drive,it will help n it did to some extent.........but my main problem is that in the HIGH PERFORMANCE mode temp is always around 85 C-95 C.n due to high temp ultimately frame rates again go poor.\015\012n if i keep it in the power saver mode temp is low but performance really suffers.\015\012 \015\012i feel there can hardly be any issues with my heat dissipating system coz i just bought my notebook 2 months back...........n the fans also run properly.\015\012 \015\012i did hear AMD processors produce more but i feel this is too much or is it?\015\012have i made a really bad choice by not going for INTEL CORE 2 duo......................but i did hear AMD was better for gaming so went for it.\015\012mine is a 2 GHZ processor so i feel that also cant be the problem for the game.\015\012is this temp really abnormal even for an AMD machine.....should i register a complaint with hp...................n will it really help?\015\012 \015

Answers :

I had the same problem, a year and half old laptop burning like the sun under full load. Temperatures would soar above 100 degrees C. 

Then I did some research and got the knowhow needed to open my keyboard (fairly simple for HP notebooks). I took out the fan and cleaned it for good. Used a vaccuum cleaner to blow the dust out of the heatsink fins. Later I took it off completely and applied new thermal paste.

Used RMClock to undervolt my CPU without any harm.

PRESTO!!! Idle and stressed CPU heat outputs decreased by a whopping 40 degrees. The temperature now hovers between 40 and 60 degrees C.

I'm happy now.

I was going to mention that the laptop cooler pad I use has a hub cap like shape; like an inverted saucer. With this design is a fold out set of legs in one long figure. This can be used on a flat surface to provide some ergonomic comfort. It can then be folded down and locked and this saucer shape makes for a very comfortable feeling in your lap. It has one single fan in dead center and blow up against the bottom of the laptop and draws away heat that is always too hot to use in your lap. Like most of us, we put our laptops on heavy coffee table books and even these books get too hot for comfort. So, I like this inverted saucer shape because of teh large void it provides under the laptop and the feeling in your lap. This is made by Belkin (a well known and respectable company) and I got mine at Wall Mart for $28. When we were last at Wall Mart they were still selling this model so chances are good your local store may have some. They are white which is unusual, as most are black these days. The wite finish fits in with the Apple line of notebooks.

This is a link to the cooling pad at Amazon where it is selling for $16. As opposed to the pictures at amazon mine has a white USB cable and not black. This cooler has been in use and still selling a good two years after introduction in the market. This makes for a mature product where improvements have been made to problem areas as they have occured.

I have a friend who uses the Antec cooling pad and enjoys it. The main difference is quite noticeable as it is meta and your latpop can slip around on its surface if you have lost the rubber inserts to your laptop (something that happens all to often due to the heat affect on them). So, for the low cost to buy into a cooling pad this a good starter item and as your need may change, you can then buy bigger and more expensive as you so choose.

The Targus product has two fans and this link shows that product, also at Amazon, You will notice that this design is far different than the Belkin one and is more typical of cooler pad designs. The products with three fans may be a better more strategic purchase given the nature of your laptop and the fact that you really do need to attack the three hot spots on a laptop, Hard Drive, Ram and CPU.

I had meant to send you a link to Notebook Hardware Control. This is the link to the product's home page. They provide for non commercial use a free download. For the professional version it lauches as a service verses an exe and allows you to create profiles that can be saved and recalled. I know of no one who has purchased the professional version.

I hope all this help you out. I'd go ahead and claibrate your battery if you haven't already. It discharges your battery down completely and then puts a new charge on it, this is to eliminate any memory effect you may have... even on the lithium ion batteries. This process can take up to 16 hours in some cases, so run it when you know you will be away from the laptop and not be using it or need to use it.

Best Regards,
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

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I had the same problem, a year and half old laptop burning like the sun under full load. Temperatures would soar above 100 degrees C. Then I did some research and got the knowhow needed to open my keyboard (fairly simple for HP noteb ... HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

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