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Why wont my hp connect to my home wireless - HP Pavilion ze4400 Notebook

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\015\012There are a few things you can do to help reliability
\015\012You should first make sure that the modem and router are individually
\015\012set up correctly.
\015\012I do have a guide for that.
\015\012Once that is done you should consider giving out proper IP addresses
\015\012Big business does this for security and reliability and it is no different for home users except maybe easier
\015\012Read the guide for router and modem first and if any of it may apply to you then try and do it.
\015\012The second part deals with IP addresses and this may well help you
\015\012I have a selection of computers laptops servers at home on a small network
\015\012It is quite some time since I last had to do any sort of system wide shutdown
\015\012Try the following procedure and write down anything you change so that if you need to go back you know what was changed.
\015\012Connect ONLY the MODEM to a pc and nothing else
\015\012Go to the start menu and select RUN
\015\012In the box type "cmd"
\015\012Now in the black screen that has come up type "ipconfig /all"
\015\012Take note of the numbers that are in 4 groups e.g.
\015\012Also take note of the name in front of those numbers !
\015\012Take note of the DEFAULT GATEWAY
\015\012Now do the same thing with your ROUTER
\015\012If that too has the same IP as your modem in "default gateway" then you need to fix that issue as that is probably a part of your problems.
\015\012The fix for router modem conflict is to set the router to use a different IP range.
\015\012To do this only have the router connected (by wire) and open an internet explorer page (it will fail but that's ok)
\015\012In the address bar type the number you got for default gateway above for the router e.g. and press ENTER
\015\012When it asks for the user name, give it the one you gave it when you set the router up or the default one from your manual
\015\012Also give it the password you gave it when you set it up or once again the default one from the manual.
\015\012You now need to look for a box that has the number you just used to get into the router.
\015\012It may just say IP address or Starting IP or something similar
\015\012That is the number you should change. I usually change the third block e.g. as opposed to
\015\012You should also have some DNS numbers from the checks further up with the MODEM
\015\012You should find the DNS boxes and place those numbers in there. This will allow your computer quicker access to finding things on the internet
\015\012Now look for the save settings button and do so.
\015\012Reconnect the modem and router. The cable from the modem should go to the YELLOW socket on the router.
\015\012Power up the modem and WAIT until all the correct lights are on.
\015\012Then do the same with the router.
\015\012Now power up a pc and check that you can surf without problems
\015\012If not then the problem may lay elsewhere. Go back and re-check.
\015\012Now to issuing IP addresses and why.
\015\012The computer has to knock-on the routers door and ask for directions home as its address changes everytime it leaves home (switched off)
\015\012You are going to give it a permanent key to its own door. Write down all that you do once again.
\015\012The same applies to both wireless and wired connections.
\015\012You may get an occasional error regarding the IP address already being assigned tell it to ignore and go ahead.
\015\012Call up your control panel and select Network Connections
\015\012If you have more than one don’t worry
\015\012Right click the first one and select properties
\015\012Scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) highlight it then click properties
\015\012There are boxes here where you are going to type numbers.
\015\012Click the "Use the following IP address"
\015\012If you changed your router to lets say Then I would use as the first number
\015\012The second box is
\015\012The third box would be (same as your router address)
\015\012The two DNS numbers at the bottom can be got from the numbers you wrote down early on when you just had the modem connected
\015\012Now click OK
\015\012If you have more than one connection available then go to the next one and do the same EXCEPT the first IP
\015\012I would use 192,168,2.11. The rest would be the same as before.
\015\012Now move on to the next computer and do the same again but this time in the first box I would jump by ten so the IP would be
\015\012Again if it has more than one connection then do the same as above and advance the number by one in the top box
\015\012Next machine same deal advance by ten. Once you have all your computers done then shut EVERYTHING down
\015\012Power up the modem and WAIT until all the correct lights are on.
\015\012Then do the same with the router.
\015\012Now power up a pc and check that you can surf without problems
\015\012If your problems are mainly wireless related the next part might be of use.
\015\012It is more than possible that the location of your router or co channel interference is causing disruption.
\015\012If its channel interference try setting your router to auto for channel selection.
\015\012If you are not getting any more than a 10mb connection to the router consider moving the router
\015\012It may be a problem with the windows wireless config
\015\012To turn of wireless zero config open control panel, click administrative tools, now services, then scroll down to wireless zero config.
\015\012Double click on it then click stop. Then set the service to manual. Make sure you click the APPLY button before hitting OK. You can now close the rest of the windows.
\015\012I would suggest at this point you also do a shut down and restart.
\015\012What you have just done is tell windows to stop messing about looking at other peoples wifi to see if it fancies something better (sound familiar ?)
\015\012You told it that it only has eyes for you ;-)
\015\012If you have any problems use the information you wrote down to back step to a working point and then double check from there
\015\012I know this looks like a lot to do but for most of us with more than a couple of computers at home it is usually worthwhile

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\015\012There are a few things you can do to help reliability\015\012You should first make sure that the modem and router are individually \015\012set up correctly.\015\012I do have a guide for that.\015\012Once that is ... HP Pavilion ze4400 Notebook

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