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How do I replace the keyboard in a HP Pavilion dv6451us laptop

Answers :

To start I suggest you have a No.1, and a No.2 Philips head magnetized screwdriver, a small pair of Needlenose pliers, and a multi-compartment container for the screws.

(When working on a laptop this is the ONLY place I would advise using a magnetized screwdriver. Otherwise NO!)

There are different sized screws, and they also have different threads. It may be very easy to mix these up.

I also suggest you work on a table. If you have a carpet floor, do not swing your feet across it as you work.

(I feel required to post this, because there are those who might work on their bed, a couch, or directly on a carpet floor. These are high areas of Static electricity. Static will fry out a computers delicate hardware components in a flash! )

1.Computer off, remove all electrical sources. AC adapter, (Charger), and Battery.

2.Close the laptop. (Close the LCD screen down)
Turn the laptop upside down, front panel towards you.
Now you are going to remove the Switch Cover.
(Cover under the LCD screen, above the keyboard. Has the speakers, LED lights, Power On button, and so on)

Switch Cover Removal:
Look down in the battery compartment. With the battery removed you will now see three Philips head screws. One on each side. One in the middle.
Remove them.

Turn the laptop back over, open the LCD screen, and lay the screen back as far as it will go.

Lift the rear edge of the Switch Cover, and swing it forward until it rests on the keyboard. (The rear edge of the Switch Cover is next to the LCD screen)
Use finesse when lifting the Switch Cover, and resting it on the keyboard. There is a Small flat ribbon cable connected to the Switch Cover. You can only move the cover so far]

Notice that the small flat ribbon cable ends in a white connector towards you. This is a ZIF connector. (Zero Insertion Force) The flat ribbon cable is the LED light cable.

The ZIF connector is composed of two pieces. Think of a small rectangular box within a larger rectangular box.
The smaller inner rectangular box has a lip on it. This keeps it from going down through the larger box.
There is also a lip on the bottom of the smaller box, which keeps it from coming all the way out.

The smaller box is lifted by the top lip, or flange, to release the flat cable.
Again, it only lifts up so far.
It's hard to discern at first how the two box like parts separate from each other, your first time, hence this long explanation.

Looking close at this connector, you will see a thin parting line, approximately 1/16th of an inch down from the top.
Parting line where the two halves, or box like shapes separate.

Use your fingernails to hold the top flange, and the bottom half of the connector. Ease the connector apart. You may find placing your fingernails in the parting line helps, when you are separating the connector. Sometimes you have to gently rock the top half as you are pulling out.

Sometimes the connector top eases up with no problem. Sometimes it's stiff. Again, I advise using finesse.

The flat ribbon cable is composed of wires laid side by side, and installed into a flat ribbon like sheath of insulation. Each wire end has a conductive coating on it. When the ZIF connector is open, the flat cable slips right out.
[When installing, make sure you reinstall the flat ribbon cable in the same direction it came out. Be sure the ZIF connector is fully closed]

This particular ZIF connector may be different from the explanation above. Some do separate, and the cable is still connected to one side of the white ZIF connector.

Lay the Switch Cover aside.

3.Keyboard removal:
Close the laptop. Turn the laptop over, bottom facing you. Remove the Memory Module Compartment Door.
(Looking at the bottom of the laptop, this compartment door is in the middle. It is rectangular shaped, with the length going up, and down.
The battery compartment is above. The battery release latch button is to the upper left, of the Memory Module Compartment Door.

There are two Philips head screws. One in the upper left, and one in the upper right. (Upper is facing the battery compartment)
Remove them.

There are four screws to remove the keyboard.
Right below where the upper left screw was removed, for the memory compartment cover, is one of the screws that hold the keyboard on.
It's down in a small hole. (Below, in the statement, 'Below the upper screw that was removed', means facing you)

To the right of the memory compartment door opening is another keyboard screw. It's on the outside of the opening, down in a small hole. (Right above an air vent)

There are two more screws down in the battery compartment.

Now turn the laptop back over carefully. Open the LCD screen, lay it back as far as possible.
Lift the rear of the keyboard up to a 45 degree angle, towards you. (Rear of the keyboard is the edge towards the LCD screen. The keyboard will only lift so far due to a flat ribbon cable connected to it)

Slide the keyboard towards the LCD screen carefully. There are two tabs you are sliding out of the body of the laptop. (Top Cover)
These two tabs are on the keyboard edge facing you.

Once the tabs are clear of the slots in the Top Cover, bring the keyboard to a level position, and bring it back towards you. (It will only go so far. Flat ribbon cable!)

Lay the keyboard down on the Palm Rest.
Release the ZIF connector to which the keyboard flat ribbon cable is connected, and remove the keyboard cable from the System Board.

Reverse these steps to install the new keyboard.

In case I haven't explained these steps clear enough, come back, and let me know.

Thank you for using FixYa.

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