Having problems with your Sony VAIO VGN-FJ270/B Notebook ?

The computer shuts off when the screen is adjusted forward.

Answers :

This is going to be a little lengthy, and I thought I should advise you in advance.

This is the Service manual, for the Sony Vaio VGN-FJ series notebook PC's. (The Vaio VGN-FJ270/B is part of the VGN-FJ series)


Here you see the various Sony service manuals listed.
Go down to the eighth line. (Starts with VGN-A)
Look across until you come to - VGN-FJ.
Left-click on it.

[This is a PDF file download. Your computer has Adobe Reader on it which uses PDF files]

After you click on VGN-FJ you will see the first page of the manual within seconds. Watch the download progression bar, and let the file download all the way. I advise not looking through the service manual until it has downloaded all the way, or you may break the download connection.

I would also advise saving this service manual to your computer.
1.You won't have to download it again.
2.You can burn it off to CD disk to view anytime you want, and view on a different computer should you wish.
(You can also delete from the computer you downloaded it to, in order to save harddrive space)

To save a PDF file to your computer. (Ignore this if you already know)

Once the PDF file has FULLY downloaded, look up at the top header, and the icons.
You want to left-click on the Floppy Disk icon. This is the second icon from the left.
If you hover your mouse cursor over this icon, it will briefly reveal,
'Click to save this file to your computer or another location'

After you click on the Floppy Disk icon you will be presented with the
Save a copy... window.

At the bottom of the window is a box with - File name:, to the left.
In the box will be VGN-FJ
This may be all you need to find the file in the future. For me I do it different.
Take your mouse cursor, and place it after the J, in VGN-FJ
Left-click Twice.
Make one space with your spacebar.
Now type Vaio VGN-FJ Service Manual

For me it makes it easier to find on the computer, or on a CD disk.

If you do not have your downloads set to save to your My Documents folder, (Documents in Vista), this file will go to your desktop screen.

To change this, go up to the top of the Save a copy... window.
There you will see - Save in: and a box to the right. Left-click on the blue down arrow to the right of the box. In the drop down file 'tree', left-click on My Documents.

Now go down to the right, and click on Save.

Advice before you start working on your laptop:

1.Remove all electrical sources.
Remove the AC adapter if plugged in, (Charger), and the Battery.

2.Static electricity is an issue with computers. Static can fry out computer hardware components in a flash. You probably won't see it, or feel it. Your body carries Static.

Work on a table. A couch, bed, or directly on a carpet floor contains high amounts of Static.
I also advise wearing an ESD wrist s-trap. (Electro Static Discharge)
The s-trap goes around your wrist, and an exposed piece of metal strip contacts your wrist. This metal strip is connected to a cable, which ends in an alligator clip.

The alligator clip is connected to a good ground source. (I connect to an empty desktop computer case)
(A lot of computer related stores have ESD wrist s-traps)

Procedure to access the FPC cable, and LCD cable:

1.Remove the Keyboard (Page 8)

At the bottom of the laptop, is a single screw which must be removed first. Page 7 shows this screw.

At the top of the Keyboard, (Next to the LCD screen) are four detent buttons. {Above the F1 key, F5 key, F11 key, and the Insert/Pause key}

These are depressed on at a time. I use a plastic fingernail cleaner. Start from the left side. You may have to Gently ease up on the left side of the Keyboard, as you depress the four detent buttons. Most of the time once they're depressed, they stay that way.

The Keyboard is then tilted towards you. Use Care as there is a flat ribbon cable still connected to the Keyboard!

Photo 3 on Page 8 shows the Keyboard laid over. You are looking at the bottom of the Keyboard. The FPC cable is still attached. Photo 3 shows you the direction to ease the ends of the lock levers.

Remove the Keyboard, lay it aside.

2.Remove the Palm Rest (Page 10)
Remove the Optical Drive. (DVD drive) There is a screw located under the keyboard which has to be removed first. (Unless you have the 4th model. Then there are Two)
Page 9, Photo 3.

Turn the laptop over. There is one last single screw to remove before the Optical Drive can be removed. Page 7 shows it.

Now that the Optical Drive is removed, there are two screws in this area, which have to be removed for the Palm Rest.
Page 10, Photo 1

Follow photos 2, and 3 to remove the Main Power cable, and Touchpad cable. If you have the Felica follow Photo 4.

Now go to page 11 to finalize removing the Palm Rest.

Page 12 shows the FPC Main cable connection, and the LCD harness, (Cable), connection. These have to be tight.
The LCD Display Cable Is Most Likely Pinched Or Already Past the Pinching Point and Has Broken Solid Connection, causing the Short and shutdown when screen is moved or flexed...
\015\012The Hinge Area (Left Side)... Needs To Be Examined... And If No Short/Pinched/Frayed Cable In That Area, You Need To CHeck The Display Cable Where It Connects To The Back Of THe Screen... Reseat THe Ribbon Cable...
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Sony VAIO VGN-FJ270/B Notebook

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This is going to be a little lengthy, and I thought I should advise you in advance.This is the Service manual, for the Sony Vaio VGN-FJ series notebook PC's. (The Vaio VGN-FJ270/B is part of the VGN-FJ series)http://www.tim.id ... Sony VAIO VGN-FJ270/B Notebook

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