Having problems with your Toshiba Satellite 5205-S503 Notebook ?

Toshiba 5205-s503 won't start up

\015 I replaced the battery in the laptop, with an after market brand, plugged the computer in, to give the battery a full charge, and now it won't start up.\015\012The power light comes on and the battery light flashes, but the computer won't do anything else. \302\240It won't boot up...\302\240\015\012Any ideas?\015\012\015

Answers :

In my 15 year career in electronics, among other companies, I have most notably worked for United Technologies as Test Engineering Technician and as an Electronic Failure Analysis Technician for Jabil (Circuit.) I am unemployed due to US electronics manufacturing out-sourcing to China and elsewhere and struggling to just pay my bills and I don't need and can't afford this computer failure.
I am providing this information to help make your life a little easier and hopefully, save you some money in these difficult times; bon chance! (Good Luck) :)

A system boot failure can be caused by a system component failure, boot sector virus or improper BIOS update.

There are a number of components that could potentially cause a system to fail to boot up.

The best way to maximize your battery life is to use it unplugged from the charger and allow the battery to run completely down at least once a month.
Battery replacement would be indicated if after fully charging your computer you experience short service life before full recharge.

1. Bad RAM (Random Access Memory) in this case a SODIMM
2. A failed hard drive
3. Video chip failure: initially test by plugging in an external monitor into the video port (DB25), a negative result does not necessarily mean that the video chip is bad this is just a diagnostic step.
3. A failed CPU (Central Processing Unit) or microprocessor that is usually caused by over-heating. This can happen if the cooling port is obstructed or compromised efficiency due to dust build-up.
In an older machine like this, the most common cause of over-heating would be a complete or intermittent failure of the CPU cooling fan.

I have had numerous problems with my Toshiba 5205-S503 Satellite since day 1.
I am in the process of isolating the failure in this case and will post additional information as my diagnostic procedure progresses. Please note: one quirky and non-standard peculiarity associated with this particular model that really annoyed me is the fact that you can only access the system BIOS once you boot to the operating system. Initially, I spoke with Toshiba customer service, a level 1 technician and a level 2 technician who each gave me a different key sequence at boot-up to access the system BIOS. Neither of their procedures worked. It was only after I spoke with a Toshiba level 3 technician that he informed me that you can only access the BIOS after the system boots to your operating system (i.e.: Windows.) I asked why they would do such a thing that ties a technician's hands and limits your options and he stated he did not know; he agreed with me that it was a bad idea and stated that they only did it on that model and that year. I have never seen a computer that was set up this quirky, awkward, non-standard, one -of -a kind way; needless to say I will never buy another Toshiba product.

If you need to troubleshoot your computer because it's not booting up:
1. Take computer into an area that is ESD safe to work on it (an area with low static electricity potential.) AVOID carpeted areas or to a lesser extent vinyl flooring or plastics.)There is a high ESD danger to components when you remove them in an area that is not ESD safe due to the potential for high static electricity build-up!
+++Choose an area to work that has real wood or ceramic tile. (not plastic or vinyl flooring)
***Remember static electricity is highest during the winter; you can reduce the risk further by using a humidifier in your work area. You and also purchase a positive ion generator to help neutralize negative ion build-up (electrons) in the air.

***Please remember to check all potential causes listed here to avoid replacing parts unnecessarily.

For fixes, here goes:
I. Error messages and memory dumps may be addressed on this model by downloading and installing the BIOS update from Toshiba's website. A word of caution, failure to follow the procedure or a failure or error during the process associated with the update can leave your computer unbootable; requiring possible shipment to a Toshiba service center. Best advice in this case; take it into a certified computer shop to have them perform the update.

II. If your system will not boot up, and you are in an ESD safe area; I recommend the kitchen counter that is dry and cleared of anything else.

1. To begin, ensure that the computer is unplugged from the charger; the charger should not be in your work area.

2. If working in the kitchen (recommended) touch a bare metal point on the sink (not painted) that is connected to metal plumbing
to discharge any static electricity build-up on your body before proceeding.

3. Remove the battery before removing or installing any component.

III. If RAM failure is suspected:
1. Remove memory compartment cover.
2. Remove one memory module from slot A (SODIMM 1)
3. Remove one memory module from slot B (SODIMM 2)
4. Install only SODIMM 2) in slot A
5. Install memory compartment cover.
6. Install battery
7. Power-up
8. If it does not power-up then remove battery
9. Remove memory compartment cover.
10. Install only (SODIMM 1) in slot A
11. Install memory compartment cover.
12. Install battery
13. Power-up
14. If it does not power-up then remove battery
15. Remember, this is only a diagnostic troubleshooting procedure a negative result (no boot-up does not necessarily mean you have bad RAM.

IV. Suspected Hard Drive failure:

1. Remove HD compartment cover.
2. Remove Hard Drive
3. Install hard Drive in a USB adapter box and plug it into the USB port on another machine with an active updated real-time virus scanner and scan your hard drive to ensure that it is not infected with a virus. If you don't have one (and you should), before plugging in your suspect drive use Symantec (anti-virus software mfg.) online scan and once it is scanning, plug in the drive and make sure it gets scanned.
3. While plugged into the USB port run a Hard Drive Utility like scandisk or a hard drive diagnostic program provided free by hard drive manufacturer's sites like Maxtor or Western Digital.
4. Remember, this is only a diagnostic troubleshooting procedure a negative result (no boot-up does not necessarily mean you have bad Hard Drive.

V. Suspected CPU failure:
This step is more involved since this requires major disassembly of your computer and I recommend that you take it into a certified computer shop like Best Buy (home of the Geek Squad) to verify its CPU fan and CPU condition.
In an old machine, the CPU fan eventually fails; if you haven't already had it replaced, I recommend that you do so.
Chances are that the CPU cooling fan has failed or is not operating at a speed sufficient to keep the processor from over-heating. If Toshiba engineers did their job the computer automatically shut down when it exceeded acceptable limits.

Since I'm very disappointed with Toshiba computer design engineering at this point, I expect to have to replace my CPU fan and CPU. Obviously, they didn't care if it failed; more toxic waste in the landfill and a chance to sell me another potentially bad design.
If not then I recommend the next time you buy a new computer, follow my advice get a Lenovo (IBM Think Pad) that is my next computer.

Hope this helped :)

M. DesRoches
Senior Electronic Diagnostic Technician
[email protected]

Have you tried taking the new battery out and then booting it up? if it does boot up the new battery is not compatibly with the laptop.
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