Having problems with your Toshiba Satellite A75-S2112 Notebook ?

A75 S2112 Shuts down after a few minutes.

\015 It was working great and suddenly started shutting down shortly after start up. I disassembled it and removed and cleaned the CPU heat sink--it was dirty but air could still flow though. That didn't help. I tried running on just the AC--no help. I did the reset (removed the battery and AC and held the pwr switch down for over 30 sec.) and that didn't help. Running on just the battery is no better. Any other ideas???Thanks!!BTW, the instructions for removing the heat sink at: http://www.irisvista.com/tech/laptops/ToshibaA75/satA75_1.htm are fantastic!!\015

Answers :

Hey guys, welcome to Toshiba's private little joke. Its just the nature of low cost high volume and laptop basics.

Thing is laptops are REQUIRED to be cleaned at certain intervals in their life because of the dense nature and close quarters of all the components. You must clean it. I have been working with computers for years, I own the A75-s2112 personally as well as my secondary work computer.

2 key factors to solve when I got the shut down problem

#1, if you do not have a cooling pad think about investing. The intake for the air is from the bottom, the pads on the laptop wear away (and from the beginning do not give good airflow). You can get one with 3 fans, whisper quiet, LED lit up, for under 10 bucks on ebay. Uses a USB. However I'm not even using that now, but it would be smart to do in order to further your heat and prolong death of your internals.

Be sensitive to where the fans are, if you cover your mouth and nose kinda hard to breathe? Yeah, same concept. Your choking your computer to death or until core temp reaches BIOS auto-shutdown to save your hardware (Its doing you a HUGE favor). A laptop is a portable device only when you allow it to function. If you curl up and its cold outside, and you have your blanket with the laptop on it, its gonna overheat. You insulating 100+ degrees just like how your keeping warm, she isn't made for that. Another point when you sit or operate on anything but a desk, make sure the fans can get clear inflow and your back heat sink (the SUPER warm part in the back, like copper fins) is 100% clear and has airflow. If your backing it against something or have a desk with an overhang even, your creating a heated environment.

Last on this, I have my laptop raised, I used tape rings at first, because scotch tape rolls actually elevate evenly (with 3) and and the three balance points (two back and front middle) it balances the computer evenly with no coverage of fans. Try things. If you have a cooling pad, your done and neat. I have foam supports from my hard drive on the sides... no overheating... fans are free flowing.

#2 Dust
That is your # one enemy. In professional building people sometimes put a whole motherboard in mineral oil/baby oil and turn it on, power supply and all. Why? The oil is like reactor coolant on a nuclear reactor and is more importantly, dust free. It transfers heat with NO airflow, so NO dust.

With that said, we do not have that luxury in laptops, or even luxury of high airflow cases. In a laptop you pay for small processing power in a confined space. You need to protect it. Much like the tactics you would use to clean a house, you need to clean your laptop regularly. I suggest, every time you vacuum. Or if you don't vacuum, once a month - 3 months pending how often you use the computer. You can do any of the following.

Literally vacuum the heat sink and fan areas, no really.... the idea is to put pressure and airflow to pull loose dust out like an airplane door at 40,000ft. You made need to cover one hole at a time to create the pressure, I did it with duct tape. There are several air openings on the unit, so feel around and see where it is coming from and make your way around to all these sucking out the bad loose dust with the others covered up.

Next, compressed air, if you have compressed air, sometimes nitrogen based, you can pick it up cheap and spray in fans and the heat sink once again. HIGHLY suggested the vacuum tactic again to pull loose dust out, read below. If you have a garage air compressor, they do spray water, condensation, so let her dry out overnight for safety.

DOWNSIDE. If you can't get in to swap it clean with water and ear swabs, you are kicking up dust which could resettle. I cleaned a unit for a friend, the dust covered his optical drive lens and it stopped reading, so I sprayed the lens (without taking it apart) again and presto. You also cannot remove hard stuck on dust without taking it apart. Like building a mountain over time, you can only chip away without getting right to the source.

extra note, put a fan by your heat sink on the back blowing air away from the unit if you have no ambition to do anything... it works... but its really sad that you can't try anything else,

worse comes to worse, get higher flow fans or a software fan program to up fan speed (it will decrease life of your fans however) or adjust in BIOS

Hope this helps!!! :)

Your power supply has been fired.You have to replace that.
Before that, just check Your CPU temperature.
It also if the CPU temperature reaches the warning temperature(around 55 degree C).

Download the tool from the link below to track your CPU temperature.

Here is the LINK.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Toshiba Satellite A75-S2112 Notebook

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A75 S2112 Shuts down after a few minutes.

Hey guys, welcome to Toshiba's private little joke. Its just the nature of low cost high volume and laptop basics.Thing is laptops are REQUIRED to be cleaned at certain intervals in their life because of the dense nature and close quarter ... Toshiba Satellite A75-S2112 Notebook

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