Having problems with your Toshiba Tecra M2V-S330 Notebook ?

I have a Toshiba Tecra A8 and it will not boot up the only thing it does is display a J_. Can any on help? Please

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This is an Hardware Failures: Doesn't Boot Up.
First of all, most of the\015\012hardware failures that are going to be presented in this article\015\012require you to disassemble the laptop and work on its internal\015\012components. Because of this, you need the required components to take\015\012the laptop apart (such as screwdrivers, etc.) and space, lots of space.\015\012If you don't have a workbench, then working on that large table in the living room should do it.

Second\015\012of all, you need to be extra careful about ESD (electrostatic\015\012discharge). Sure, this is important when working with a desktop system\015\012too, but you really shouldn't consider this as some sort of\015\012overreaction or waste of time. A few anti-static conductive bags should\015\012suffice. These are going to be useful when you take apart components\015\012from the laptop and you need a safe place to put them down.

Now let's begin. If the\015\012laptop does not power on using the batteries, then try to power it\015\012using the AC adapter. Pay attention and see whether the LED on the\015\012laptop lights up, signaling that the adapter was detected. If yes, then\015\012your power jack works. If the notebook still does not power on,\015\012disassemble the laptop and remove the batteries. Look first for the\015\012CMOS battery and take it out.

If your\015\012particular laptop model has more than one battery, like a multi-port\015\012battery or a handle battery, then take those out too. This should serve\015\012as a master reset. Try powering on using the AC adapter. If it still\015\012does not power on, then read on.

Your best bet\015\012is that the problem is memory-related. What you need to do is re-seat\015\012the memory modules. If there are more than one, then try swapping them\015\012between each other and try different slots. Try booting again. If it\015\012does not work, then try running with only one module - this way, you\015\012can tell whether one is faulty.

Narrow down the\015\012problem by removing each "unnecessary" component. Disassemble the\015\012laptop and remove the HDD, CD/DVD drives, and the modem and/or wireless\015\012card(s). If possible, take out the sound card module (if separate). To\015\012minimize the possible causes, you may disconnect the LCD panel as well.\015\012Try running this way. If it does boot, then try connecting each\015\012connector one at a time, booting up in between to localize the problem.

On\015\012the other hand, if you have stripped it down to a bare-bone laptop and\015\012it still refuses to POST, then chances are your motherboard might be\015\012the root of the problem. Another option is temporarily replacing the\015\012memory modules with good ones. This way, you can eliminate that from\015\012the list of possible causes. This leaves the motherboard and CPU. Take\015\012apart everything; re-seat both the CPU and motherboard. Try again.
As\015\012a last resort, if you are familiar with using a multimeter, then try\015\012checking the power button and see whether it actually "switches" or\015\012not. You may also monitor the voltages during the VRM circuitry\015\012(whether or not it gets power). Verify the resistances between the\015\012common places (such as verifying whether the motherboard is grounded or\015\012not - you know, those metallic rings near the screw holes).
Nevertheless,\015\012if you still can't diagnose the problem and the laptop gives absolutely\015\012no sign of life, then take it to a repair center. But chances are that\015\012you have found it by now, at least let's hope so. Now let's talk about\015\012other problem scenarios.

If your notebook\015\012always "forgets" the system clock, then it is almost always a faulty\015\012CMOS battery. Disassemble the laptop, locate the battery, measure it\015\012with a multimeter or voltmeter, and, if need be, get a replacement. If\015\012your laptop powers on but beeps like there's no tomorrow, then those\015\012"beeps" stand for an error code. Find out which BIOS your notebook has\015\012(perhaps it's not AMI, Award, or Phoenix). Then do a quick Google\015\012search to find out what those beep codes stand for on that particular\015\012BIOS version. More often than not, it indicates a memory-related\015\012problem. As I suggested earlier, try re-seating and playing around with\015\012the modules.

Good luck!Thanks for using fixya.

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Toshiba Tecra M2V-S330 Notebook

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